Concessionary Fares Consultation

Removal of travel concessions on Red Arrow

The Red Arrow bus service to Nottingham and X38 bus service to Burton were both identified as services that could be excluded from the national concessionary travel scheme. The Council’s view is that both these services fall outside the Government’s definition of a local bus service and operate as express inter city-style services. Other bus services providing travel to Nottingham and Burton exist.

Following a consultation exercise with bus users, a full report was taken to Council Cabinet on 15th March 2017.

It was agreed that the Red Arrow bus service would be excluded from the concessionary fares scheme. The last date for passengers to travel for free from Derby to Nottingham using their concessionary card will be Sunday 6th August. After this date, travel on the Red Arrow will be chargeable.

Concessionary Card holders can continue to travel between Derby and Nottingham for free on the following services:

Service Journey Time Bus Operator
i4 64 – 69 minutes Trent Barton
Indigo 85 minutes Trent Barton
Y5 82 – 87 minutes Your Bus

Free travel on the X38 between Derby and Burton will continue for concessionary fare holders.

Midland Classic announces major changes to bus services

A bus operator says it has been forced to cut bus services in Burton and South Derbyshire has announced changes to routes that will come into force next month.

Midland Classic says it has made the changes following an eight-week consultation by Staffordshire County Council which asked for people’s views on four different options for local bus service provision.

However, the council says it has stopped the subsidy on only three of Midland Classic’s services – affecting journeys in the evenings, weekends and bank holidays – and adds that any other changes to services were decisions made by the company and not the authority.

The changes which come into place on April 1, include the withdrawal of the Burton to Rolleston to Tutbury service, named route one and route four which travels through Woodville, Swadlincote, Stanton and Burton.

There are also new routes available.

Free timetable booklets outlining the changes are available from local libraries, council offices, Tourist Information Centres and on-bus, can also be found by emailing [email protected] or calling the customer helpline on 01283 500228.

Midland Classic operations manager, Michael Cartwright, said: “Following the eight-week consultation by Staffordshire County Council which asked for people’s views on four different options of local bus service provision, a decision has been reached by the local authority to make cuts to a number of local bus routes across Staffordshire.

“Although some of these changes affect bus routes operated by Midland Classic we have looked closely at those routes and are pleased to be able to retain some and introduce new journeys without support from the local authority.”

Mark Deaville, the county council’s cabinet member for commercial, said: “Based on feedback from a public consultation last summer, we are using the budget available to subsidise weekday bus travel linking people with employment, education and health and more than 96% of current bus journeys will still be able to be made.

“Our changes to subsidies affect bus journeys made in the evenings, weekends and on bank holidays on only three of the service operated by Midlands Classic, the 401, the 811 and the 812, and the other announced changes are decisions made by the company and not the county council.

“We actually continue to subsidise some journeys provided by Midlands Classic and, since the review, have been working with operators, parish and borough councils and partners to explore if third party funding, changes to timetables and routes, and changes to our other contracts can help retain further services.”

The revised timetable includes the following changes.

Route 1: Burton on Trent – Rolleston – Tutbury

All journeys on Saturdays will be withdrawn following a decline in customer numbers.

The departure at 07.10 from Eton Park to Burton will be withdrawn Monday to Friday along with the 16.20, 16.50 and 17.20 departures from Burton also on Monday to Friday. Additional journeys will run on route 8H at similar times to serve Horninglow Road and Rolleston Road.

Route 2: Edge Hill – Burton on Trent – Horninglow

An amended timetable will be introduced with some weekday journeys withdrawn. The Saturday service will now run up to every 30 minutes.

Route 3: Winshill – Burton – Queens Hospital – Longmead Road

Route 8: Swadlincote – Newhall – Burton – Queens Hospital – Longmead Road

The Monday to Saturday timetable on routes 3/8 and Sunday route 8H will be amended in the Horninglow area to provide a new service to the Red House Farm development (subject to Bus Gate being opened between Lower Outwoods Road and new housing development – if not accessible from 1 April 2018 buses will wait time at Queens Hospital). Buses to Norton Road and Longmead Road continue to run up to every 30 minutes.

Following recent monitoring of bus routes, we will no longer run via Elmsleigh Drive and some poorly used evening journeys are withdrawn.

Route 4: Woodville – Swadlincote – Stanton – Burton

The 17.55 Burton to Woodville along with the 2005 Burton to Woodville and 20.25 Woodville to Burton journeys are withdrawn due to a decline in customer numbers.

Route 401: Uttoxeter – Tutbury – Queens Hospital – Burton

The departures at 06.44 from Hatton and 07.25 from Uttoxeter to Burton on Monday to Friday will no longer serve Rolleston and will run along Lodge Hill between Tutbury, Burton Street and The Beacon, Tutbury Road. The departure at 06.44 from Hatton to Burton is retimed to depart at 06.34.

On Saturdays a new departure will be introduced from Uttoxeter to Burton at 07.55. Departures at 07.25 and 08.30 from Uttoxeter to Burton will run on Monday to Friday only. The departure at 06.44 from Hatton to Burton will be withdrawn on Saturdays due to a decline in patronage.

The Sunday service along with most weekday evening journeys between Burton and Uttoxeter will no longer operate following withdrawal of support by Staffordshire County Council. The departure at 18.35 from Burton to Uttoxeter and the 19.25 (previously 19.45) departure from Uttoxeter to Burton will continue to operate on Monday to Saturday without support from the local authority.

Route 406: Uttoxeter – Outer Circle

The Saturday Town Circle journey at 08.00 will be withdrawn along with all evening journeys on Monday to Saturday from 19.23 onwards will be withdrawn following withdrawal of support by Staffordshire County Council.

Route 402A: Burton – Abbots Bromley – Draycott – Uttoxeter

All journeys running towards Burton will be retimed and run direct from the Acorn Inn to Burton. The 07.15 from Burton is retimed to depart at 07.10

Route 811 / 812: Burton Barton under Needwood – Lichfield

The Saturday departure at 06.15 Burton to Lichfield is withdrawn following a decline in customer numbers.

The Monday to Friday departure at 06.35 from Lichfield to Burton along with the Saturday departure at 07.15 from Lichfield to Burton will commence in Barton.

The 15.40 departure on weekdays from Lichfield will be retimed to depart 10 minutes later to maintain reliability.

New journeys to Barton are being introduced on a trial basis.

The Monday to Saturday departures from Burton to Lichfield at 19.00 and 21.00 along with the 20.00 and 22.15 departures from Lichfield to Burton departures and all Sunday journeys are withdrawn following withdrawal of support by Staffordshire County Council.

A new journey will be introduced on Monday to Saturday departing Lichfield, Bus Station at 19.10 for Burton as service 811 calling at Streethay, Fradley, Alrewas, Barton under Needwood and Branston.

Route X12: Burton – Branston – Lichfield – fast and direct

The weekdays 07.10 Burton Railway Station, Burton to Lichfield will commence in New Street.

The 19.10 departure from Lichfield to Burton will be renumbered 811 and will call at Streethay, Fradley, Alrewas, Barton under Needwood and Branston offering a partial replacement to later evening journeys being withdrawn following withdrawal of support by the local authority.

Route 822: Lichfield City Circular

The departure at 15.15 from Lichfield Bus Station will be withdrawn following a decline in customer numbers.


6th November 1928, Page 22 Zoom page 6th November 1928

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If you’ve noticed an error in this article please so we can fix it. Keywords : Counties Of England, Derbyshire, Local Government In England, Nottingham, Trent Barton, Derby, Loughborough, Arriva Derby, Derby Bus Station

Many Small Concerns as well as Large Undertakings Providing Transport Facilities in Two Important Provincial Towns.

T” the of motorbus services

in e Derby and Burton-on-Trent areas has proved of imir nose benefit to the rural districts around these boroughs, -as well as to the towns people and those residing in sulnirbs who require transporting daily to and from their homes. Derby has a Population of ‘133,000, whiliit that of Burton-on-Trent is MAIL’ the 50,000 mark. .

The corporation bus services at Derby are only just developing, for, although ‘the municipal authorities hare held the necessary powers to maintain such a service within the borough since J901, it ‘wail not until 10 years later that a short experimental route was opened. At that : time ‘ two Edison battery-electric 20-seaters were put into use, but -these now been replaced. r The present fleet of buses consiste of 12 Tilling-Stevens petrol-electric machines with seating capacities for from 20 to 430 passengers, the latest additions . having rear-entrance-type saloon bodies built by the Brush Elsetrieal Engineering Co., Ltd., of Loughborough.

Although only four local routes are in operation at Derby, the corporation obtained extended powers in 1913 and again in 1927, when sanction to run beyond the borough boundaries was obtained.

Although a much smaller town, Burton-on-Trent has a larger municipal, bus fleet than Derby, the total number of vehicles in use being 25. The routes served by the corpOration buses are all of a local nature,, and the whole fleet has been standardied en Guy four-wheeled vehicles, all of the f tontentrance, one-man-operated . type, :seating from 20 to 2(3 passengers.

‘no . tramways department of this borough has, since .1016, been authorized to utilig,e motorbiiSes in connection with the tramways system, but the first service was not inaugurated until

May, 1924. . . .

At both the towns with which we are dealing there are large but undertakings operating services, as well as several smaller proprietors, in addition to those who only ,awm two’ or :three vehicles, anti, consNuently, competition is extremely keen on nearly all routes.

The Trent Motor Traction Co., Ltd.. which has its headquarters at Derby, has established a bus station in the town, and with a fleet of vehicles which numbers over 150 serves Burton-onTrent and Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Nottingham, Matlock, Alfreton, Ilkeston, Mansfield, Loughborough, Ashbourne and Ettoxeter. The greater portion of this company’s buses are S.O.S. 32-seater or 37-seater front-entrance saloons, with Brush bodies. There are also a few C.M.-type Daimlers, d-type Thornycrofts and Tilling Stevens petrolelectric machines in the fleet, some of the last-named being flexible-deckers seating 46 passengers.

The Pride of the Peak Motor Service Co. maintain an hourly schedule between Derby and Castle Donnington. The headquarters of this concern are situated in London Road, Derby, from which their buses start. Vulcan, Daimler and Lancia 20-26-seater buses are employed.

A. bus undertaking which has come into considerable prominence in parts of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire is Barton Transport, Ltd., of Beeston, and its vehicles, which are largely Laneias (With the Barton 6-wheeled attachment), run every 15 minutes between Nottingham and Derby, via Leong Eaton.

Higgs and Waller, Ltd., of Melbourne, maintains a frequent service into Derby with Associated Daimler saloons, whilst an hourly service to Ashbourne is provided by Bayliss’s Motor Bus Service whose fleet includes Albion 32-seater vehicles. • Quite a number of other proprietors also ply for hire into the borough, tezd the Dennis G-type 20-seater and Chevrolet 14-seater are greatly in evidence.

Apart from the Trent buses end

those municipally owned, a number of the Midland ” Bed ” routes start front Burton-on-Trent and Ashby-de-laZouch. Leicester, Coalville, Loughborough, Tainworth and Birmingham are all provided with regular services.

Amongst smaller undertakings running into the town may be mentioned Mr. S. Stevenson’s buses (of tittoxeter), who Maintains a daily service between these two towns with Bristol 32-seaters and Reo 26-seaters.

Another firm, Messrs. Tailby and George, of Renton, operate an hourly service between Derby and Burton, with Halley 26-seaters.


Organisations: Bayliss’s Motor Bus Service People: Castle Donnington, S. Stevenson, DERBY AS, BURTON AS, Derby Donnington Locations: Melbourne, Matlock, Ashbourne, Alfreton, Tainworth, Zouch, Nottingham, Leicester, Ilkeston, Ettoxeter, Birmingham, Mansfield, Bristol, Loughborough, Coalville

New quick cashless way to pay on Burton’s buses is being rolled out

Many of those catching the bus to and from Burton will soon be able to pay in a very different way.

Transport firm Trentbarton has announced all passengers will be able to starting using contactless card payments on its services from as early as next week.

This will include services to and from Burton , such as the X38, which is jointly operated with Arriva to run from Derby to Burton, and back, two to three times an hour.

Contactless payments will also be available on the Villager buses the V1 and V3, which connect Burton to places such as Newton Solney, Repton, Willington, Findern, Stretton, Rolleston, Tutbury, Hatton, Hilton and Etwall, before carrying on to Derby.

As of Sunday, October 6, all buses across the Trentbarton network will offer contactless payments, reports Nottinghamshire Live .

It was revealed earlier this year that it would be investing £2.5 million into around 350 tap-on, tap-off terminals for its fleet following a two-month trial on 11 skylink Derby routes.

As of next week, those wishing to use contactless travel can simply tap-on the bus with their contactless card or device when boarding, then tap-off against at the end of their journey as they get off to pay the correct fare.

Should passengers forget to tap-off when they get off a bus, they will be charged for the final destination of the bus, similar to the current Mango card system.

Passengers will also be charged up to the final destination on the bus they use if their phone or mobile device runs out of battery before they tap-off .

According to Trentbarton, passengers will only be charged for a single journey for each trip and day caps will be in place to ensure spending is automatically limited.

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Mobile devices, using apps such as Apple Pay and Google Pay will be accepted as an alternative method to cash, in order to pay for trips or buy tickets.

Visa, Mastercard and Maestro credit and debit cards with the contactless symbol can be used, however American Express will not be accepted.

For anyone not quite ready to make the switch, all Mango and Saver cards, as well as cash, will still be accepted .

It is only available for adults, however contactless payment can be used to buy a child fare.

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