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Chilli Seeds

Buy UK Super Hot Peppers

Chilli Seeds: our website includes what we hope you will find to be a very wide range of amazing chilli pepper seeds. Most importantly the very latest of the super-hots contending for the title of Hottest Chilli in the World. As well as seeds for rare and beautiful chilli plants as well as all our longstanding favourite chillies. We are sure that you will find something interesting and enjoyable to grow. Please have a look at our seed pages which includes Carolina Reaper chilli which is The Hottest Chilli In The World.
We also started making sauce from our very first chillies, now we have a great selection of seeds as well as hot chilli sauces for you to buy and enjoy.

Hell Unleashed Hot Sauce, The Hottest Chilli Sauce In The World

Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Chili Seeds

Carolina Reaper 10 x Seeds World’s Hottest

Peach Moruga Chilli Seeds

Monster Apocalisse Seeds

Borg 9 Chocolate Chilli Seeds

Chiltepin Seeds, Rare Wild Yellow variety

Seed, CPI Bhut Jolokia

MA Wartryx Chilli Seeds

Superhot Pepper Seeds Handpicked, packed and sealed by DEFRA Registered Chilli Seed Packers.

View all Hot Chilli Pepper Seeds

A little bit of spicy chili peppers is all African farmers need to keep hungry elephants from stealing crops.

By planting a few rows of chili peppers around the perimeter of their crops, farmers have created a buffer zone that’s spicy enough to keep elephants, buffalo, and other hungry mammals away.

“Chili peppers are unpalatable to crop-raiding mammals, so they give farmers an economically feasible means of minimizing damage to their investments,” said Loki Osborn, project director for the Elephant Pepper Development Trust.

Farmers also can mix the chili peppers into a spray that drives animals away.

Chili peppers have been used to keep elephants away since 1997 because they were a cheap alternative to building expensive electric fences. And as a bonus, the peppers have turned into a valuable cash crop themselves.

“They can be grown as buffer crops to prevent crop-raiding and then be harvested and sold on the world market through the trust,” Osborn said.

The trust formed two companies – the African Spices Company in Zambia and the Chili Pepper Company in Zimbabwe – to produce and distribute bottled hot sauces, jams, and relishes made from the peppers.

Proceeds from these spicy condiments are donated trust to support the development of chili growing projects.

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