Often given as an unusual and useful Christmas present! Our popular course with the opportunity to work in a real garden led by master horticulturist Ben Pope

Do you have a potentially good garden but do not know where to begin?

The first 3 days of this popular 4 day course take place in the Chelsea Physic Garden with the final day spent in two renowned gardens near Petersfield. Tutors are master gardener Ben Pope and Rosemary Alexander. Covers all you need to know to care for your garden – understanding your soil, choosing and buying new plants, growing new plants from seed and taking cuttings, common pests and diseases, lawn care, pruning trees, shrubs and climbers, vegetable and fruit growing, control of weeds, mulching and composting are all explained and demonstrated. The final day spent in 2 private gardens brings everything into context and gives time for questions and personal involvement.

Course notes, light lunch and refreshments are included.

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Garden Makers Day

Rosemary Alexander and The English Gardening School look forward to welcoming gardeners of all levels to their annual Garden Maker’s Day, to be held in November. Taking place in the Gallery and Café at the historic Chelsea Physic Garden

Thursday 14 November 2019 An exciting opportunity to learn from experts and a great event to look forward to before your Christmas celebrations. A light lunch and refreshments are included, plus an opportunity to purchase signed books by our speakers. Our Guest Speakers: Sarah Wain & Jim Buckland ~ Rory …

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Garden visits and tours

Our vast contact list allows us to offer small groups rare guided visits to private gardens in the UK and in Europe.

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Introduction to Garden Design

  • Next course: April 1 – May 23, 2020
  • Cost: $675.
  • Enrollment limited to 12 students.
  • Course full. Registration closed.
  • To be notified of next course, fill out this form.
  • Questions? Visit our FAQ page, then email [email protected]
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About the course

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This 6-week online course (7.5, including the introductory week and Spring Break week) provides an opportunity for you to design your own garden. You will be studying and experimenting with the basic design procedures, learning about proper plant selection, and you will write and reflect on the process as you learn. The instructor will take an active role in this creative endeavor by providing feedback on your assignments and journal entries. You will also have the opportunity to learn from one another through an open forum in which you can share your ideas with others.

The purpose of this course is to understand the steps necessary to create a healthy & attractive garden, and to engage in self-expression through this process. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand garden site analysis and apply the concepts to your personal space.
  • Gain some proficiency in basic garden design principals.
  • Articulate a personal aesthetic — what appeals to you, and what you enjoy.
  • Layout a rough site plan overview of your garden design.

This course is designed to encourage your discovery of basic garden design techniques. It is a garden design course for the beginner. We teach an approach to gardening that is based on the principle of right plant, right place. In other words, we will consider the needs of the plant in addition to the needs of the gardener.

Course schedule

  • Introduction Week: Welcome & Introductions
  • Week 1: Site Assessment Part 1
  • Week 2: Site Assessment Part 2 / Basic Design Principles: Personal Style, Garden Unity, and Maintenance
  • Week 3: Basic Design Principles: Scale & Proportion, Balance & Symmetry, Repetition, Movement
  • Spring break
  • Week 4: Basic Design Principles: Color, Form & Texture
  • Week 5: Designing Your Garden: Choosing & Buying Plants
  • Week 6: Designing Your Garden: Final Project and Buying Plants

Required Reading

We will be using Taylor’s Master Guide to Landscaping by Rita Buchanan (Houghton-Mifflin Co. New York, NY) for our main text. There will be chapters assigned with lessons as we move through the course. This book should be very easy to find, most local libraries have it and if not it should be available for around $25 from a local bookstore or on Amazon.com. If you end up mail-ordering it (used prices can be extremely inexpensive for this title) and would like to start the first week’s reading before it arrives, the first chapter is available to read online from Google Books.


The Part 1 photography course gives learners a fantastic opportunity to take control of their DSLR in ways they never have before! Throughout the course you will learn how to use a variety of camera settings and functions, which will allow you to produce both creative and stunning images.

The course has been designed to take students through the basics of photography; from beginners to those wishing to refresh their skills.

Course content includes:

    • How to locate and use different camera features.
    • Producing images using the technique called ‘painting with light.’
    • Use of manual mode and the relationship between ISO, aperture and shutter speeds.
    • How to create stunning photographs in a location shoot with the tutor
    • How to use additional equipment including tripods and lenses
    • Assignment tasks which will give you the opportunity to use the new skills you have been taught.

Weekly classroom critiques of your work from your peers along with advice from the tutor. You will use an interactive white board to download and share your images so you can view the work of your peers and give feedback alongside that given by the tutor. This is a great support network opportunity, extending your own learning throughout the week and enjoyed by many learners.

On the first evening the tutor will review the planned curriculum and evaluate your photography skills to inform his lesson planning. Any areas of photography the group would like to pursue over the term will also be discussed and course content confirmed including the location shoot date and time. Location shoots will include meeting at the historic docks in Gloucester.

By the end of the course you should have a better understanding of the functions of your camera and have a good knowledge of basic photographic terminology. You should be able to produce photographs making use of ambient lighting to create images which reflect your new found skills using a variety of settings.

You are asked to bring a digital SLR camera and a pencil/pen and paper. Students may need to purchase extra kit periodically throughout the course, the tutor will give advice.

Our tutors combine current industry practice with their teaching careers and bring a wealth of varied experience to the class.

Gloucestershire College main sites have cafe facilities, so you might like to enjoy a drink or light snack before the start of your class. Water only is allowed in the classrooms.

Squirrel – by Shane Young – Photography Courses Gloucestershire

If you’re looking for Photography Courses Gloucestershire, but without the gobbledegook, I’m your man!

I can help you improve your photos.

Hello! I’m Shane – Gloucester photographer, trainer, friendly chap.

Do you love taking pictures, but wish your images had a bit more ‘wow’ factor?

Does the photo on your screen look like the picture you had in your head?

Even budget cameras can do amazing things these days, but a camera hasn’t been invented that knows what you’re thinking. Not yet, anyway…

It’s easy to leave your camera on Auto and assume technology will magically give you the perfect shot. But as you’ve no doubt noticed, it rarely does!

Robinswood Hill – image copyright Shane Young

Wouldn’t you rather be in control?

One of the biggest pleasures in photography is knowing the conscious decisions you make can turn an average shot into a great one.

But more often than not, the Auto setting won’t even come close to the look you want.

Exposure is the first thing to master.

In Auto mode, if a background is very dark, the camera will try to compensate and render your subject washed-out, overexposed and generally horrible. If it’s your loved one, they may never forgive you…

However, if you have a very bright background, your subject may become a virtual silhouette as the camera tries to adjust for all that brightness (okay, that’s the best kind of photo of me, but some people like to be seen).

You can correct this by understanding a few basic settings that give you control over your exposure. In fact, you can even let the camera do some of the work and then adjust to taste. It’s surprisingly easy, and once you see the results you’ll never look back!

Learn to ‘see’ a good shot.

Combine your new-found knowledge of exposure with an understanding of how to focus correctly, and how to spot and use ‘good light’ to add impact, and your photography will take a giant leap forward.

I can take the guesswork out of it for you.

As most would agree, it’s no fun at all studying a camera manual; in fact, it can be hideously dull – and worse than that, confusing. You may persevere simply because it isn’t nice to look at all the buttons and have no clue what they do. Sadly, this often leaves you feeling like it’s all too much to learn. I’ve been there.

So let’s put you in control of your camera and your pictures. I can explain the stuff that really matters so you don’t have to pore over endless instructions when you just want to get shooting.

If you don’t feel in full control when you put that camera up to your eye, try one of my

Photography Courses Gloucestershire.

Cud Hill – image copyright Shane Young

If you’re keen to get the best from your camera, or image editing software, get in touch or read on to learn more about my one-to-one photography tuition.

My aim is to help enthusiasts of all ages create the kind of images they dream of – but also to enjoy themselves while they’re at it!

The better you get, the more you enjoy it.

Knowledge is power: knowing what will make an image work, even before you press the shutter, puts you in a position of confidence. There are simple steps you can take every time to improve an image. We will go over them together and shoot practical examples until it’s second nature.

It is all about practice. Using your camera, and gaining confidence.

Be in control of the image.

From conception to the finished, edited picture.

Venice – image copyright Shane Young

Please click here to learn more about me

or here to find out about my latest

Photography Courses Gloucestershire

or here for more of my work to get a taste!

The most relaxing pastime in the world!

Come and join me – I always aim to make your photo training practical, informative and good fun.

Jump for Joy – image copyright Shane Young

Get in touch here.

Mock bridal shoot – image copyright Shane Young

Slow down, look, and look again… learn to see your life, your work and your world with fresh eyes.

Hello and welcome to Look Again.

Right here, right now, take a moment to…

By using my tried and tested creative, accessible and low-tech methodology, I help you use your imagination and vision with a blend of photography, mindfulness and being in nature to help you, your organisation or team:

  • improve mindset, mental health and wellbeing

  • build resilience in a fast changing world

  • gain awareness, clarity, and focus

  • clarify your vision and tell your authentic visual story

I initially developed my methodology and the ‘7Cs+ Resilience Framework’ out of a need to stay well and to build resilience myself (see About). Now hundreds of people from all walks of life have and continue to benefit from this transformational work.

I hope you feel inspired to contact me for a friendly chat about how Look Again workshops, courses and training can benefit you, your staff and your clients.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With warm wishes



View Our Floristry Courses

SHOWCASE YOUR CREATIVE FLAIR These courses are designed for anyone who loves flowers and plants and has an interest in creating floral displays.

If you love flowers and plants and have an interest in creative design, floristry could be the career for you. Learn how to create stunning floral pieces for a wide range of occasions and events. Our students can explore their creative side and gain the practical skills and knowledge required for a career in the floristry industry.

We offer floristry courses at our York and Newton Rigg Campuses and our Centre in Guisborough. Our students can choose from a range of courses aimed at developing professional skills and enhancing career development. We also have provision for recreational learners who want to expand their knowledge of floristry. In addition to practical and theory-based lectures, there are opportunities to observe the auction houses in Holland and the contemporary skills of the Dutch Masters. The department also invites professionals from the UK industry to present their design skills.

Our floristry students regularly win prizes at major shows and our head of department was a World Skills Floristry Workshop Master. Students are encouraged to further their professional development by attending numerous competitions such as the Harrogate Flower Show and UK Skills.


The College has two dedicated floristry classrooms which are fully equipped with resources for creating a diverse range of floristry pieces. There is a floristry shop within the Horticulture Department at our York campus, where students learn essential retail and customer service skills through interactions with the visiting public.


By studying in this department you will learn the relevant skills to work in the following roles:

  • Retail florist
  • Interior flower designer
  • Retail plant area advisor
  • Flower nursery demonstrators
  • Designers and freelance work
  • Floristry manager
  • Experienced florists often go on to manage a retail outlet or start up their own business
  • Related roles in the wider floristry industry include sales, marketing, stock control, accounts and customer service


At Askham Bryan College we have strong links with florists and retailers throughout the region as well as with wholesalers and markets. Our students regularly compete in regional and national competitions, winning First in Show at the 2014 Harrogate Flower Show and numerous other accolades for their work. The Floristry team have links within the industry with RHS Tatton Park as well as stately homes and country houses including Fairfax House, Newby Hall and Ripon Cathedral.

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