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Golden Weding Plants

Buy from one of the largest selection of Golden wedding roses and Golden Wedding plants from Giftaplant. Rose golden wedding has to be the number choice of gift for a golden wedding anniversary with its sulphur yellow blooms complemented by dark green glossy foliage the perfect gift for a 50th wedding anniversary. We also have a other plants to send for a golden wedding anniversary. Camellia golden anniversary is an excellent choice for a golden wedding. Pure white blooms complemented with dark green glossy foliage, or perhaps another plant gift for a golden wedding is the Clematis Golden Harvest for it yellow bell shaped flowers in late spring. Giftaplant sells and grows the largest selection of plant and flower gifts for a golden wedding, plants and flower gifts with a unique name for a Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Golden Wedding Roses

All our plants and flower gifts for a golden wedding can be beautifully presented to make that anniversary gift special, optional giftwrapping is avalaible through the check out process and a requested delivery day may also be done so that your special plant gift arrives on a specific day, this is a request only

For further information on our Golden wedding plants and Rose Golden Wedding you may order online or contact our sales line to order any of our Golden Wedding plants and have them delivered to a specific address.

Golden Wedding Plant Gifts Delivered to your door from Giftaplant.

Happy Golden Wedding From All At Giftaplant


Golden Wedding Rose – 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift

A Golden Wedding Rose is the perfect gift to help celebrate a Golden Anniversary. Yellow roses are a symbol of joy and delight which make them an ideal gift for your significant other or for a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary.

Rose bouquets can be expensive, considering they will last a week or so; a living GardenersDream rose will flourish for years to come.

All of our gift roses are potted and presented with a large, attractive colour label with a picture and care instructions. We’ll also include a small personalised gift card on which you can write any special message you wish to include with your rose. If you would like us to write this out for you prior to dispatch, please contact us immediately after purchase with your message.

GardenersDream Gift Rose Collection features an abundance of vibrant colours for celebratory, commemorative and congratulatory occasions; wedding roses, birthday roses, anniversary roses, retirement roses, Mother’s Day roses and more.

Please Note: Roses may be pruned back to encourage re-growth. Rest assured, if your gift rose arrives without foliage, it has been pruned with the best interests of the plant at heart and will soon flourish once again.

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