‘Burgundy Lace’ Japanese maple, or Acer palmatum ‘Burgundy Lace’ is a beautiful cultivar of Japanese maple that is well-suited for today’s smaller, urban gardens. It would also be the ideal specimen for courtyard, rock garden or tranquil poolside. The foliage is deep purple that is at its richest in early spring as new leaves emerge. By mid-summer the leaves are streaked with green and by autumn they blaze red. This kaleidoscope of purples, greens and reds is all the more attractive owing to the elegant form of the leaf. They are seven lobed, deeply dissected almost to the petiole, or leaf-stem. The lobes are strongly toothed lending a filigreed delicacy to the leaf. And although they can grow in full sun the color is deeper and richer when allowed to develop in part shade. There are flowers of course, but they are insignificant, though they do lead to the attractive winged seeds. But the real asset is the foliage along with the excellent form. This small tree has a very fine texture, and is usually as wide as it is tall with a slightly weeping form making for a particularly elegant specimen. It will, after many years, reach 15 feet in height with a spread of 15 feet. In addition to its beauty, it is virtually maintenance free and pest and disease resistant. It does require well drained soil but can be grown on acid, alkaline or even chalky grounds. With all of its beauty and adaptability, it is no surprise that ‘Burgundy Lace’ Japanese Maple was given an Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society. A tree of this distinction will not always be found in the big discount nurseries but more likely in the specialty, tree nurseries.

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