Sciadopitys verticillata ‘STERNSCHNUPPE’

Japanese umbrella pine is an exquisite-looking conifer resembling pine thanks to its needles but botanically it has nothing in common with them. Did you fall in love with this gorgeous conifer but the species is too large for your small garden? Worries gone – there is a new dwarf selection from Germany called Sternschnuppe (falling star).
Sternschnuppe Japanese umbrella pine is a VERY slow growing evergreen conifer with dark green, flattened, succulent needles. It forms a small pyramid and in 25 years will reach only about 2.5m which makes it ideal for limited spaces.
Japanese umbrella pines are said to do best in semi-shade or filtered sun, however, we experienced best results when grown in full sun and moist but well-drained, medium-fertile, slightly acidic soil. In winter it may gain bronze shades which manifests withdrawal of chlorophyll. This is a common procedure the plant does to protect itself from excess cold – in spring it will turn back rich green again. Reasonable fertilizing will help it grow stronger and keep a good colour, over fertilizing may result in too long, unsightly shoots prone to frost damage. Full hardy to min. -29°C, perhaps more (USDA zone 5).
Last update 04-02-2012

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