American Beauties Native Plants – Kalmia lat. ‘Pink Charm’ (Mountain Laurel) Evergreen, deep pink flowers, #3 – Size Container

Brand: Green Promise Farms

Color: Deep Pink


  • For Best results, plant in usda zone: 4-8 – mature size: 8-10ft H x 8-10ft w
  • Plant is delivered in a #3 size container. It is fully rooted in the soil and can be planted immediately upon arrival, weather permitting.
  • Grows well in partial shade.
  • Soft pink flowers in late may and early June really put on a show.
  • Perfect for naturalizing along the edges of wooded areas. Thrives in partial shade

Publisher: Green Promise Farms

Details: Kalmia latifolia `pink charm` this American beauties native is a fixture in the landscape in shaded, wooded locations & will be the backbone of shaded areas in your landscape, too. Even better, ‘pink charm’ tolerates shallower, drier soils once established allowing it to compete with water grabbing trees while looking great with its shiny deep green foliage, dense, rounded form, & superb spring flower show that starts deep pink in bud & opens to a pleasing yet strong pink color in late may & early June. ‘Pink charm’ is a great cover source for Woodland Birds & its flowers provide a wealth of nectar for native bees.

UPC: 724529411863

EAN: 0724529411863

Package Dimensions: 32.0 x 11.8 x 11.8 inches

Kalmia latifolia ‘PINK CHARM’

Honestly, we are nuts about kalmias – mountain laurels. Not very well known, these mid-sized shrubs deserve more attention as they belong to the most beautiful flowering evergreen shrubs of our climate. They come from south-eastern USA and the Asian mountains where they grow under taller trees.
Pink Charm is another kalmia variety by Richard Jaynes, first introduced in 1982. The flowers are rich pink with lighter centres, opening from deep pink buds. It flowers profusely. Leathery leaves are narrow, laurel-like, pointed, mid green. Its growing habit is wide rather than tall.
There are many cultivars combining all sorts of red, pink and burgundy shades with white, all of them beautiful, all of them very hardy. The best display is when half of the bloom cluster is still in buds which mostly have a different colour than the flowers themselves.
For a happy life it MUST HAVE acidic soil (add plenty of peat). Plant it in light, well drained soil that has to be well mulched to keep the surface roots moist at all times. Full sun is best for best colouring. Fertilize in spring and autumn with rhododendron fertilizers. Use water solutions or slow-release fertilizers that will not burn the delicate surface roots. Fully hardy to -34°C (USDA zone 4).
Last update 23-11-2008.

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