• 5th Anniversary Selena


  • Absolute Zero Vern
  • Abyssal Wing Sae
  • Abyssal Witch Ciara
  • Accursed Calamity Velma
  • Ace Assassin Natalamé
  • Ace Chef Lancia
  • Adamant Ancient Svalinn
  • Adamant Victory Marlo
  • Adjutant Mel
  • Administrator Sera
  • Adventurer Alma
  • Aesys
  • Aesys, Great of Magic
  • Ageless Keeper Zeruiah
  • Aisha (4★)
  • Aisha (5★)
  • Algor Halcyon Selena
  • Alice
  • Alley Cat Nyami
  • Alluring Empress Savia
  • Alpha Leader Signas
  • Aludra
  • Andaria
  • Andaria the Swift
  • Angel Maria
  • Angelic Blades Sefia
  • Angelic Champion Nadore
  • Angelic Gale Raquiel
  • Angelic Star Janice
  • Anje
  • Annette
  • Aqua Goddess Kuhla
  • Aqua Pura Lucina
  • Aqua Ruler Kuhla
  • Aquamancer Kuhla
  • Aquamarine Knight Medina
  • Archangel Aurelia
  • Arche (4★)
  • Arche (5★)
  • Arche (6★)
  • Archmage Haile
  • Arctic Rose Stya
  • Arctic Virtuoso Soleil
  • Ardent Empress Agnia
  • Ardent Soul Feng
  • Aria (4★)
  • Aria (5★)
  • Asahi (5★)
  • Asahi (6★)
  • Astute Ebony & Enid
  • Athena Asamiya (6★)
  • Athena Asamiya (7★)
  • Athena Asamiya (Omni)
  • Aurelia
  • Aurelia the Ascended
  • Auric Echo Eleanor
  • Autumn Child QiuTong
  • Azure Blade Lucina
  • Azure Goddess Lucina
  • Azure Princess Mariela
  • Azure Queen Iris
  • Azure Warrior Lucina


  • Bad Lands Queen Gazolina
  • Baiken (7★)
  • Baiken (Omni)
  • Barbara (4★)
  • Barbara (5★)
  • Barienna
  • Battle Admiral Laresa
  • Battle Girl Ophelia
  • Battlemage Haile
  • Beast Master Avani
  • Beautiful Menace Savia
  • Beauty Sibyl Paula
  • Bennu Edge Rayla
  • Bewitching Wings Lunaris
  • Bibliosoph Astrid
  • Big Sister Nyala
  • Bishop Merith
  • Black Enforcer Nyala
  • Black Lotus Lunaris
  • Black Magistra Noxa
  • Black Nocturne Lico
  • Black Rose Elize
  • Blade God Seria
  • Blade Queen Sefia
  • Blade Storm Sefia
  • Blaze Rifle Bestie
  • Blaze Sibyl Freya
  • Blazing Admonition Agnia
  • Blazing Chain Barbara
  • Blazing Dragon Lyonesse
  • Blazing Mare
  • Blazing Phoenix Feng
  • Blazing Victory Cayena
  • Blind Justice Tesla
  • Blizzard Fang Signas
  • Bloodpoison Florence
  • Blooming Sakura Miku
  • Blue Purity Vern
  • Bolt Axe Mahalu
  • Bolt Goddess Amy
  • Bolt Knight Amy
  • Bolt Mallet Elulu
  • Bolt Pike Amy
  • Bolt Sibyl Zele
  • Bolt Singe Pamela
  • Boorish Beauty Inoko
  • Boreal Tempest Haile
  • Bound-Walker Yin-Yin
  • Bowmistress Ravea
  • Boxer Nemia
  • Brave Hero Alma
  • Brave Leader Alessa
  • Brawler Nemia
  • Bright Star Persenet
  • Bright Warrider Durumn
  • Brilliant Flash Fionna
  • Brilliant Persenet
  • Bubbling Spring Azalea
  • Burning Pike Claire


  • Calamity Demon Amu Yunos
  • Calescent Yan & Yuan
  • Cantata Meiko
  • Carnal Domina Beatrix
  • Cascade Pearl Medina
  • Cataclysm Empress Feeva
  • Cavalry Lass Anje
  • Celestial Enigma Daltisk
  • Celestial Knight Nadore
  • Celestial Wings Lara
  • Cerulean Grace Eriana
  • Charlie
  • Charlotte (7★)
  • Charlotte (Omni)
  • Charming Threat Savia
  • Chieftain Avani
  • Chizuru Kagura (7★)
  • Chizuru Kagura (Omni)
  • Chloe (7★)
  • Chloe (Omni)
  • Chrono Mage Elaina
  • Chronographia Phoena
  • Claudia (4★)
  • Claudia (5★)
  • Claudia (6★)
  • Claudia (7★)
  • Coeur Libre Marianne
  • Colorful Spikes Leona
  • Commander Laresa
  • Commtech Vashi
  • Compliant Subduer Mel
  • Cosmic Being Amu Yunos
  • Cottontail Carrol
  • Courageous Blade Amus
  • Courageous Heart Alma
  • Creator Maxwell
  • Crescendo Megurine Luka
  • Crimson Hood Ciara
  • Crimson Knight Claire
  • Crimson Scout Reda
  • Crystalline Blue Azalea
  • Cursed Princess Rozalia
  • Cyclonic Heroine Ophelia


  • Dahlia Fist Nemia
  • Damsel Estia
  • Dancer May
  • Dark Allure Azami
  • Dark Arts Dia
  • Dark Arts Lily
  • Dark Blade Lico
  • Dark Charm Lunaris
  • Dark Curse Lunaris
  • Dark Deemo and the Girl (5★)
  • Dark Deemo and the Girl (6★)
  • Dark Divinity Eclise
  • Dark Fire Rineth
  • Dark Lantern Lumie
  • Dark Princess Dia
  • Dark Snake Kafka
  • Dark Soil Mizerka
  • Dark Succubus Beatrix
  • Dawnbearer Juno-Seto
  • Deadly Bonnie
  • Deadly Edges Ragina
  • Death Idol Kikuri
  • Deemo and the Girl (4★)
  • Deemo and the Girl (5★)
  • Deemo and the Girl (6★)
  • Deepwood Syrinx Miell
  • Demon Blade Lico
  • Demon Bow Lymle
  • Demon Manipulator Kafka
  • Demon Mira
  • Demonic Idol Kikuri
  • Demonic Witch Xie’Jing
  • Deranged Pugilist Nyala
  • Devastation Queen Feeva
  • Devious Ebony & Enid

Lodges & Cottages by Water – By Region

Groups – many locations are ideal for multiple cottage and lodge bookings for groups, family celebrations or corporate events. Please call us for advice.

Fishing – many of the cottages and lodges we offer are ideal for fishing breaks. Visit our fishing holidays page for more information on our selection of ideal locations across the country.

Hot Tub Lodges & Cottages – we are delighted to offer a wide range of holiday homes with hot tubs which are extremely popular.

Please find a selection of our waterside holidays by the water. If you would like advice or ideas please call us on 01252 339020.

Though we can offer options nationwide we have several main holiday regions including the following:-

Norfolk Broads

Riverside & Anchor Cottage, Wroxham, Norfolk Broads

Adjacent waterside cottages by the river Bure, in centre of Wroxham, 4 bedrooms – both sleeping up to 8 people. WiFi Available. Pets welcome in Riverside Cottage.

Sunset Haven – Wroxham, Norfolk Broads

Three bedroom waterside cottage in quiet backwater just off the main river close to the centre of Wroxham. Sleeping 5 in 3 bedrooms. Short walk to village centre, pubs, shops and restaurants.

Central England

Waters Edge Boathouse – Rudyard Lake, Staffordshire

Superb lakeside contemporary cabin with log fired hot tub on the banks of Rudyard Lake. This 3 bedroomed cabin is furnished with a wood burning stove, sleeps up to 7.


Torrisdale Garden Cottage (inc Hot Tub) – Carradale, Argyll, Scottish West Coast

This cottage is perfect for a romantic break, sleeping 2 with an outdoor wood burning eco hot tub. Located on a wooded hillside overlooking the former walled garden. Set within the grounds of the historic Torrisdale castle & private estate – a truly stunning location.

Waterfall Lodge, Nr Killin, Loch Tay, Perthshire

Lovely 2 bedroom lodge with wonderful loch views. Double bedroom with ensuite shower and a twin bedroom with family bathroom.

Braidhaugh Holiday Lodge – Crieff, Perthshire, Scottish Highland

Braidhaugh Holiday Lodge is situated on the banks of the River Earn in popular Scottish Highland town Crieff. This brand new lodge for 2013 is in a great location – great for walks, sporting facilities. Sleeping up to 4 in 2 bedrooms.


Spring Heath Log Cabins – Knockin, Oswestry, Shropshire

Lovely 2 & 3 bedroom characterful log cabins overlooking well stocked fishing lakes – Wheelchair access.

Southern England

Malston Farm Cottages, Kingsbridge, South Devon

Great range of 4 Star holiday cottages beside a fishing lake amid the gently rolling hills of South Devon. Facilities – indoor & outdoor pools & Hot tub.

Lakeview VIP Bungalow – Lanivet, Nr Bodmin, Cornwall

Luxury three bedroom bungalow with private hot tub on the patio and a steam cabinet indoors. Three bathrooms, two of which are en-suite.

Cotswolds Waters Edge Plus – Cirencester, Gloucester

Luxury outdoor hot tub on spacious furnished waterside balcony of this Waters Edge Lodge. With 3 bedrooms sleeping up to 6 people and fantastic open plan & spacious living, kitchen & dining area this is the perfect option for a family or group of friends.

For any further information or if you wish to reserve any holiday cottage or lodge options please do call us on 01252 339020 or reserve on line via our holiday search feature at the top of the page. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Tenby Observer Weekly List of Visitors and Directory

Detailed Lists, Results and Guides Cite Share

THE FANCY DRESS BALL. The red-letter day of the Tenby winter season has come and gone. The Fancy Dress Ball is over, and the excitement which has raged in the breasts of the younger members of the community for some time past has subsided. Some there are, no doubt, who never before in their lives enjoyed a ball so much; others are disappointed with the reality which they had dressed up in their anticipation in quite as fanciful a manner as were some of the costumes worn on the occasion. But no one can say that anything was left undone to make the ball-room as charming as it is possible to conceive, and if those who Were present did not for the time believe that they were in fairy-land, it was not the fault of the surroundings, but of their lack of imagination. All the powers that art could lend were employed to make the room look its best and brighest. It is impossible.to describe to those who were not there the beautiful effect which was pro- duced. Flowers and ferns, glasses and curtains, flags and banners, all artistically grouped together in a way that it is futile to attempt to depict in writing. The Royal Assembly Room was dressed in its best. Of those present there were 74 gentle- men and 114 ladies, amongst whom were many familiar faces which we are always glad to welcome. As customary on these occasions, the large room adjoining the supper-room was set apart as a tea and retiring room. Like the ball-room it was tastefully decorated for the occasion, and carpeted throughout. The supper was served in the supper- room upstairs, and its appearance, like that of the other rooms, was not only attractive, but decidedly pretty. The table was furnished with all the good things that could be wished, and was ornamented with handsome epergnes, candelabra, and other pieces of artistic table furniture. The menu was choice, and the wines excellent. Supper was served soon after midnight, the large company sitting down in relays. The following was the MENU. Hure de sanglier en galantine; les mayonnaise de saumon a la modevne; salades de homard, various; poulardes en bechamel, decorees poulets, role en aspic; dindons galantine a la royale; dinduns roti; diudons a la bechamel; roulades de boeuf; roulades de veau; langues de boeuf, decorees; jambons a la Westphalia; les pates du Gibier a la Franchise; les hurties en aspic; l’aspic de homard; gilecs, various; cremes “Italieene; pattissene Frangaise meringues, montees; compotes des fruits bagatelles en spere fille; potages a la Italieune glacers fraises a la citron grapes, pines, Tangerine oranges, &c. The company began to arrive soon after half-past nine, and dancing commenced at ten o’clock to the strains of the Tenby Quadrille Band, under the direction of Herr Urban. During the night the’ following programme was danced through :— 1. Valse-Auf Wiederschen. 2. Lancers—Forty Thieves. 3. Valse—Myosotis. 4. Valse—Triste et Joyeuse. 5. Valse.Parthenia. 6. Polka-Chic. 7. Valse-Southern Breeze. 8. Valse—True Love is sweet. 9. Polka—Vol au veot. 10. LaneelS- Ri p van Winkle. 11. Valse—Under the Stars. 12. Valse—Heart of my Heart. 13. Polka—Colon<-l. 14. VaKe—Pierrot. lit Valse- Gift of Love. 16. Polkrt. Old China. 17.-Valse -In the Moonlight. 18. Valse-My Qiwwu. 19. V- alfe -Ehren on the Rhine. 10. Salop—Trurn^etew. Some of the dresses were not only picturesque and pretty, but gorgeous and costly. Uniforms were prevalent, both naval and military, tlote scarlet coats of the latter forming a pleasing con- trast to the dark blue and gold of fcJae former. The uniform of tha Lord LÍeuteaant of the county of Haverfordwest, Mr C. E. G. Philipps, was very handsome. Mr H. D. Fdttaoll, as HaSader, Mr R. Walcott as Charles Surface, Mr Young ft Faust, Mr Grismond Saunders Davies as an Italian peasant, and Mr F. H. Wintle in the costume of a courtier 1756 period, were perhaps the beat kbiicf dresses amongst the gentlemen. One young lady wore a very handsome black dress covered with coins, with the same in her hair, presumably a gipsy, and which was vory effective. There were three charming representatives at “Folly”—one in maroon and white satin, one in yellow and black satin, “and a third in pink and blue satin dresses, edged with tiny belle, and with cape to match. The “Missing Gainsborough Pic- ture was a most effective costume of blue satin, with the well-known large black hat and plume of feathers, the hair being curled and powdered. A Girl Graduate was charmingly represented by a fair lady in a graduate’s gown and cap, with white bands at the throat. A Hornet’s dress was very well carried out, being a dark green skirt with yellow bands graduating to a peak at the bottom, and a pair of winga on the shoulders. There were two charming “Marie Stuarts” ia black velvet and white satin, with pearl orna- mento. ,Also several very handsome dresses of French peaaanta and iishwomen, which w&m highly effective, and brilliant with gay colouring. A skirt of broad stripes of red and white, with a dark body, was much admired, a large flat velvet cap being worn with it, and the hair powdered. “Snow” and “Winter” wore very handsome white satin dresses trimmed with swansdown. We do not know what each lady called herself, but there-was either a “Norma” or “Rebecca” beautifully dressed in white, with a sort of blue satin hanging cloak, and a broad coronet of gold round her head. The following is a list of those present:— LADIES. Isame. Costume. Mrs G. A lcock, 5, Esplanade, Tenby Evening dress Mrs Archdeacon, Heywood Mount Mary Queen of Scots Miss Archdeacon, Heywood Mount Hornet Mrs C. Shute Buckle, New Quay, Cornwall Snow Mrs Bash ford, 4, Esplanade Portia Mrs Barclay, Llavallin House Evening dress Mrs “ztt;c, oft, 4, Lexden Terrace Winter Mrs T. Bowen, 4, Rock Terrace Evening dress Mrs Bowen, Plas-y-Bvidell Evening dress Miss Bowen, Plas-y-IJridell The lost picture of the Duchess of Devonshire Miss Brigstocke. Park-y-gorse Evening dress Mrs Booker, 2. Kent Houses Evening dress Miss Booker, 2, Kent Houses L’lucroyable Mrs Uhatflold, Admiralty House, Pembroke Dock-yard Evening dress Miss Granville Charlton, North Cliff House Dresden china Mi.^s Chichester, Pentrc Fully Miss Corke Poudre Mrs Currey, Poyston, Haverfordwest. Italian peasant Miss Clifton, Penalty Evening dress Honourable Mrs Campbell, Stackpole Court Evening dress Miss Cnmpbell, St tckpole Court Spanish girl Miss Elizabeth Campbell, Stackpole Court Dresden china shepherdess Mrs Carey. 9, Esplanade Evening dress Mrs Church. 20, Victoria Street Evening dress Miss Church, 20, Victoria Street Shepherdess Mrs Saunders Davies. Pentre Evening dress Mrs F. A. Edwardes, 3, St. Julian Street. Evening dress Miss Edwardes, 3, St. Julian Street Phillis (Mrs Thackeray’s maid) Miss F. A. M. Edwards, 3, St. Julian Street Waiting maid 18th century Mrs Fothergill, Sion House Evening dress Miss A. F. Fothergill, Sion House Poudre Miss H. Fothergill, Sion House Poudre Miss Fetlierstou, 5, Esplanade, Tenby Folly Miss C. L. Fetherston, 5, Esplanade, Tenby Evening dress Miss A. G. Gower, Castle Malgwyn Lady of the 19th century Miss S. A. G. Gower, Castle Malgwyn Lady of the 19th century Mrs Brydges Giles, Lexden House Oli via Miss Gabler, Blaenpant Scrpolette Mrs Graves, 2, Lexden Terrace Evening dress Miss Graves, 2, Lexden Terrace Evening dress Miss Madeline Graves, 2, Lexdcn Terrace Sorrentine peasant Mrs Hawksley Evening dress Miss Hammond, 16, Norton Charity school girl Miss Holloway, Stroud Spring Miss Edith Holloway, Stroud Summer Mrs Hogarth, Ivy Cottages Evening dress Miss .Hogarth, Ivy Cottages Pillar box Mrs Hastings, 3, St. Julian Terrace Evening dress Miss K. Howell, Penrheol, St. Clears Evening dress Miss Howell, Penrheol, St. Clears Evening dress Miss Edith Huntington, the Kectory Evening dress Miss Beatrice Huntuigton, the Rectory.Evening dress Miss Julia Harrison, Stoke Bishop Evening dress Mrs P.A.Hamilton, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Beringnria Mrs Russell Ingram, Croft Lodge Evening dress MissRussell Ingram, Croft Lodge Pipette (Creatures of Impulse) Mrs Fortescue Ingram, Newcastle, South Africa Evening dress Mrs D. G. Johnston, Penally Greek peasant MrsMorgan Jones Evening dress Miss Jones, Llanmilo Maltese fisherwoman Miss C. Jones, Llanmilo Folly Mrs Lowten Jenkins, 4, Esplanade Evening dress Miss Jones-Lloyd, Tenby Soubrette Miss Florence Jones-Lloyd, 19, Vicroria Street Alsatian peasant Miss L. Lee, 1, Belmont Gloire-de-Dijon Miss Lee, 1, Belmont Watteau Mrs G. A. Lee, 6, the Croft, Tenby Mary Stuart Miss Lee, 6, the Croft, Tenby Evening dress Miss Edith Lloyd, Troedyraur Perdita Mrs Levett, Rosemount Evening dress Miss Ethel Labertouche, 2, the Croft Evening dress Mrs Labertouche, 2, the Croft Evening dress Miss Labertouche, 2,’the Croft Evening dress Miss Leach, Ash Grove, Pembroke Evening dress Mrs McMaster, Bangeston Evening dress Lady Milman, the Croft Evening dress Miss Constance Milman, the Croft Evening dress Miss Helen Milman, the Croft Evening dress Miss Edith Mathias, Norton Cottage Chelsea china Mrs, Mathias, Lamphey Court Dresden china Mrs Mathias-Thomas, Tenby Spanish gipsy Mrs Owen, St. Mary’s Hill Evening dress Mrs Rule Owen, Foley House, Haverfordwest, 19th century Miss Rule Owen, Foley House, Haverfordwest. £ s. d. Mrs Pryse, Gogerddan Evening dress MM Powell, Haverfordwest Evening dress Miss C. Powell, Haverfordwest Shepherdess Mies Powell, Haverfordwest Gleaner Mrs Poppelvrell, St. Agatha’s House Evening dress Mist A. Reid, 9, Norton, Tenby Tricolor MiM Evelyn M. Reid, 9, Norton, Tenby Normandy peasant girl M. Rdv”iy, Kinnersley Castle Evening dress H&S flkaively, Kinnersley Castle Watteau Mrs Bev^ley, Bryn-y-gwin, Dolgelley Evening dress Mim Mabel Reveley, Bryn-y-gwin, Dolgelley Dresden china Miss h. Kustell, 4, Rock Terrace Evening dress Misn Roberts, Belfield Neapolitan fisher girl Miis It. Roberts, Belfield Neapolitan fisher girl Mrs O. H. Smith, Lexden House Evening drees Mice L. DE. C. Shoobridge Evening dreee Mrs Stokes, North Cliff, Tenby Evening dress Hub Strict, Brynhyfryd, Swansea Winter Miss Emily Sheild, Gilfach, Narberth Miss Muffet Mrs Hume Smedley, the Croft, Tenby.Evening dress Miss Hume Smedley, the Croft, Tenby.Evening dress Mrs Trafford Evening dress Miss Yardley, Cheltenham Zingari Miss Voyle, Penally Evening dress Mrs Lloyd-Williams, Froheulog, Dolgelley — Mary, Mary, quite contrary. How does your garden grow ? With silver bells and cockle shells, And pretty maids all of a row.” Miss Walcott Evening dress Miss Wemyse, Aberystwith Masherette Mrs Ward Evening dress Mus Wodehouse, Pentre The Rose of Auvargne Mrs John Westby, Heywood Evening dress GENTLHMBST., Name. Costume. Captain Archdeacon, UN., Heywood Motmi yall dress uniform Fleet Surgeon Bartltsfct. H.M. Dockyard Uniform Mr T.H. Bowen, Plas-y-bridell 3rd Batt. Welsh Division R.A. Captain Barclay, Lavallin House Uveniug dress Mr Bancroft, 4, Lexden Terrace Evening dress Mr Booker ■ Evening dress Captain Bashford Evening dress Mr G. C. Bowen, 1′, Rock Terrace Evening dress Mr J. G. Blake, Tenby Uniform, The Cameronians Mr E. Curre, Ilton Mon. Hunt Club General Carey, 9, Esplanade Evening dress Mr Charles Cripps, Cirencester Uniform of Surgeon in P. and O. Co.’s service Capt. A. J. Chatfield, R.N., H.M. Dockyard.Full dress Mr W. F. Curtler, 1st R.M.F., Penally Uniform Captain Dewing, R.E. Uniform Mr Gwyn Saunders Davies, Pentre Evening dress Mr Grismond Saunders Daivies. Pentre.Italian peasant Mr George Herbert Duns, Portland House Ashewas Mr J. Higgon Dunn, Portland House Sailor Mr Gilbert Elliott, Dolhaidd Teivyside Hunt Mr H. D. Fussell, Amroth Castle Matador Mr Sydney R. Fothergill, Sion House Eton speech costume Mr T. R. Fothergill, Sion House.. Neapolitan fisherman Mr Wm. N. Griffith, Brynmair, Dolgelley Full dress Mr J. T. Hawksley Evening dress Mr C. F. Harrison, 1, Belmont An effete Turk Mr S. L. Harrison, 1, Belmont R.N.R. Mr E. Howell, Penrheol Evening dress Mr Hannay, Victoria Street Masher minstrel Capt. Huntington, Salisbury Uniform Rifle Brigade Mr R. A. S. Hill, Castdan, Langport Old mess uniform 1st Somerset Light Infantry Militia Capt. E. R. B. Ingram, the Welsh Regiment.Uniform Mr Morgan Jones Evening dress Mr H. L. V. Jenkins, Aldershot Uniform 39th Regt. Mr H. A. Jones Lloyd, 19, Victoria Street. Tenby Evening dress Mr Robert Lock, Tenby Evening dress Mr H. R. Lloyd, 13th Light Infantry Uniform Mr Robert Levett, Rosemount Evening dress Mr H. Worsley Leach, Bangeston, Pembroke Evening dress Lieut.-Colonel Leach, Corston Evening dress Dr. Lawrence Hunt dress Mr John M. Laws, Norton Cottage Evening dress Mr Mathias. Lamphey Court Uniform C.Y.C. Mr C. H. Milward. R.A., Paragon R.A. uniform Mr R. E Macdouald, 4, Esplanade Evening dress Mr L. W. Miiles, Royal Artillery Uniform Mr Mathias-Thomas, Tenby A fact Mr H. P. Massy, Buckingham House Evening dress Mr S. H. Owen, St. Mary’s Hill Evening dress Mr Pryse P. Pryse, Gogerddan Old Gogerddan hunt dress Mr L. Pryse, Gogerddan Evening dress Mr C. E. G. Philipps, Picton Castle Lord-Lieutenant Mr H. F. Webb Poppelwell, 1st P.R.V., St. Agatha’s House Uniform Mr J. R. Rowlands. Tenby Evening dress Mr Thos. Reavely, Kinnersley Castle Evening dress Captain R. B. Robertson, Swansea Captain Glamorgan Artillery Militia Mr R. Jervis Statham, 8, South Cliff Street, Tenby Joe Willett, highwayman Mr George Synge, South Cliff Street Evening dress Mr E. S. Saurin. Orielton Uniform Pembroke Yeomanry Mr Stokes, North Cliff Evening dress Lieut. Morris Taylor, Royal Munster Fusiliers One of my ancestors Mr Trafford Evening dress Mr Arthur J. Thomas, Saundersfoot Evening dress Mr Clarence Wodehouse, Pentre Keeper out for a holiday Mr J. W. Westby, Heywood Levee Mr R. Walcott Charles Surface Mr Fitz Hardinge Wintle, Myrtle House.Courtier, 1758 Colonel Ward Evening dress Mr Young, London Faust

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