Leucothoe axillaris ‘CURLY RED’®

Leucothoe belongs to relatively new plants which gain more and more attention and admirers. They are low or prostrate evergreen shrubs with leathery leaves and sufficient hardiness.
Curly Red® variety comes from Dutch town Boskoop where it was found as a naturally occurring mutation among plants of another variety named SCARLETTA®. It was fits introduced in 2003 and received the award of “most striking plant novelty” at the Aalsmeer flower market in November 2004.
Curly Red® grows slowly into a compact, low plant of rounded shape. Its main feature are gracefully curled, very glossy leaves. Their colour is light green as they emerge, maturing to deep green. In autumn they change to deep purple-red at the leaf margins and overall deep burgundy red from winter until mid-spring. If planted in full sun it gains red shades from mid-summer already.
Leucothoes grow naturally in woodlands under trees which means that they are used to anything from filtered sun to deep shade. However, in our tests they proved to live happily in full sun, too, if given sufficient moisture. Only in case of long-lasting, harsh frosts without snow we recommend protecting them with greens or white woven to keep the top leaves from sunburn.
As an ericaceous plant it requires soil that is light, acidic, and constantly moist (not wet). If your garden soil is too heavy do not dig a deep hole but make a shallow and wide bed topped up with a good mixture of peat, fine bark chips, and leaf (forest) litter. Keep the soil moist by mulching. Slow-release fertilizers are advised. No pruning needed. Hardy to about -22°C (USDA zone 6b).
Last update 18-11-2008

Leucothoe Axillaris Curly Red

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Leucothoe Axillaris Curly Red is a hard-working evergreen shrub whose eye-catching foliage will provide garden interest year-round. It’s an excellent addition to your garden, whether large or small.

Native to the mountains of the south-east United States, Leucothoe Axillaris Curly Red has adapted well to the conditions in the UK. In early spring the plants are covered with white, bell-shaped flowers from March to May, followed by bright red berries which develop by autumn and will attract birds to your garden. Throughout the year, the shrub is covered with interestingly twisted leaves that change colour with the seasons, going from glossy red-orange in the spring, to green in the summer, and then finally to bright red in the autumn, persisting throughout the cold months and giving a bright burst of colour to the winter landscape.

Fully hardy throughout the UK, Leucothoe Axillaris Curly Red will slowly grow to a height eventually reaching 0.5-1 metre and spread of 1.5-2 metres. The plants require little pruning. You just need to cut back dead or damaged stems as required. The plants will spread slowly through underground roots to create a dense ground cover if desired.

Leucothoe Axillaris Curly Red will grow best in an acidic clay, loam or sandy soil in a moist, well-drained location. Plant in part shade for best results, as these plants grow on the forest floor in their native habitat. They can be grown in a sheltered or exposed location.

Because of its year-round attractive foliage, Leucothoe Axillaris Curly Red makes an excellent specimen planting in a small city garden, where it will easily adapt to container growing. It will provide a shot of colour on a rooftop terrace or balcony, as well as in a courtyard garden or on a patio. It also works well in a rock or gravel garden, where its low growth habit will fill in a spot and give year-round interest. Leucothoe Axillaris Curly Red also is the answer for problem spots in a larger landscape, where its root system and spreading growth make an excellent ground cover, choking out weeds, and also provide erosion control on steep banks.

Leucothoe Axillaris Curly Red can be either a stunning specimen plant in a small city garden, or a hard-working groundcover on a country property. Either way, its evergreen leaves will brighten your garden year-round!

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