Anchusa azurea ‘Loddon Royalist’

An excellent late-spring, early summer plant with deep, rich blue flowers. They’re edible, good for cutting and the individual flowers look amazing frozen in ice cubes and added to your G&T!

Bristly green leaves and blue flowers from late spring, well into summer. Fully hardy as far as we can tell. It certainly came through the ‘Beast from the East’ in 2018.

An excellent border perennial. The clear, bright blue flowers really stand out. Fairly drought resistant.

Anchusa azurea was brought from the Caucasus in 1810 and quickly adopted by the regency gardeners. The Victorians and Edwardians bred and refined the species into various garden varieties and Anchusa has been popular with gardeners and bees and butterflies ever since.

‘Anchusa’ is derived from the Greek anchousa, meaning ‘paint’, as a red dye can be prepared from the roots.

Height: 80cm

Common name(s): Alkanet, Bugloss, Dyer’s Bugloss, Orchanet, Spanish Bugloss

Myth and Legend:

In magic the plant may be burnt in order to drive off all negativity from an area, or to attract prosperity to those living in the area.

Dioscorides recommends the use of alkanet for the treatment of snakebites. He adds that if the root of the plant is chewed, and spittle directed into the snake’s mouth, it will immediately be killed.

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