Myrtus Apiculata Glanleam Gold

Myrtus Apiculata Glanleam Gold commonly known as Chilean Myrtle is a bushy, evergreen shrub with elliptic green leaves margined with a creamy white colour. The bark of this shrub is lovely peeling, cinnamon colour bark which adds extra interest to this garden plant. In the months of July to August the Myrtus Apiculata Glanleam Gold will bloom masses of small pure white flowers.

A good all round garden plant which is planted in a variety of locations including wall side borders, flower beds and flower borders and can make a good container plant which can be grown on balconies, patios and gardens without grass. Suitable for planting in a range of other garden types and planting schemes.

Myrtus Apiculata Glanleam Gold care

The Myrtus Apiculata Glanleam Gold thrives in a sunny, partially shaded area of the garden with moist, well drained soil. An easy to grow shrub which is good for both expert and beginner gardeners alike. Generally pest free and requiring minimal to no pruning makes this perfect for low maintenance gardens. The Myrtus will naturally form a good framework requiring no pruning but may occasionally need a light prune to encourage the figure you desire.

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