Old French Fairy Tales/Good Little Henry/The Plant of Life


WHEN he had saluted the Cat respectfully, Henry ran towards the garden of the plant of life, which was only a hundred steps from him. He trembled lest some new obstacle should retard him but he reached the garden lattice without any difficulty. He sought the gate and found it readily, as the garden was not large. But, alas! the garden was filled with innumerable plants utterly unknown to him and it was impossible to know how to distinguish the plant of life. Happily he remembered that the good fairy Bienfaisante had told him that when he reached the summit of the mountain he must call the Doctor who cultivated the garden of the fairies. He called him then with a loud voice. In a moment he heard a noise among the plants near him and saw issue from them a little man, no taller than a hearth brush. He had a book ​ ​ ​

What are you seeking little one?

​ ​under his arm, spectacles on his crooked little nose and wore the great black cloak of a doctor.

“What are you seeking, little one?” said the Doctor; “and how is it possible that you have gained this summit?”

“Doctor, I come from the fairy Bienfaisante, to ask the plant of life to cure my poor sick mother, who is about to die.”

“All those who come from the fairy Bienfaisante,” said the little Doctor, raising his hat respectfully, “are most welcome. Come, my boy, I will give you the plant you seek.”

The Doctor then buried himself in the botanical garden where Henry had some trouble in following him, as he was so small as to disappear entirely among the plants. At last they arrived near a bush growing by itself. The Doctor drew a little pruning-knife from his pocket, cut a bunch and gave it to Henry, saying:

“Take this and use it as the good fairy Bienfaisante directed but do not allow it to leave your hands. If you lay it down under any circumstances it will escape from you and you will never recover it.”

Henry was about to thank him but the little man had disappeared in the midst of his medicinal herbs, and he found himself alone.

“What shall I do now in order to arrive quickly at home? If I encounter on my return the same obstacles which met me as I came up the mountain, I shall perhaps lose ​my plant, my dear plant, which should restore my dear mother to life.”

Happily Henry now remembered the stick which the Wolf had given him.

“Well, let us see,” said he, “if this stick has really the power to carry me home.”

Saying this, he mounted the stick and wished himself at home. In the same moment he felt himself raised in the air, through which he passed with the rapidity of lightning and found himself almost instantly by his mother’s bed.

Henry sprang to his mother and embraced her tenderly. But she neither saw nor heard him. He lost no time, but pressed the plant of life upon her lips. At the same moment she opened her eyes, threw her arms around Henry’s neck and exclaimed:

“My child! my dear Henry! I have been very sick but now I feel almost well. I am hungry.”

Then, looking at him in amazement, she said: “How you have grown, my darling! How is this? How can you have changed so in a few days?”

Henry had indeed grown a head taller. Two years, seven months and six days had passed away since he left his home. He was now nearly ten years old. Before he had time to answer, the window opened and the good fairy Bienfaisante appeared. She embraced Henry and, approaching the couch of his mother, related to her all that little Henry ​had done and suffered, the dangers he had dared, the fatigues he endured; the courage, the patience, the goodness he had manifested. Henry blushed on hearing himself thus praised by the fairy. His mother pressed him to her heart, and covered him with kisses. After the first moments of happiness and emotion had passed away, the fairy said:

“Now, Henry, you can make use of the present of the little Old Man and the Giant of the mountain.”

Henry drew out his little box and opened it. Immediately there issued from it a crowd of little workmen, not larger than bees, who filled the room. They began to work with such promptitude that in a quarter of an hour they had built and furnished a beautiful house in the midst of a lovely garden with a thick wood on one side and a beautiful meadow on the other.

“All this is yours, my brave Henry,” said the fairy. “The Giant’s thistle will obtain for you all that is necessary. The Wolf’s staff will transport you where you wish. The Cat’s claw will preserve your health and your youth and also that of your dear mother. Adieu, Henry! Be happy and never forget that virtue and filial love are always recompensed.”

Henry threw himself on his knees before the fairy who gave him her hand to kiss, smiled upon him and disappeared.

Henry’s mother had a great desire to arise from her bed and admire her new house, her garden, her woods and her ​meadow. But, alas! she had no dress. During her first illness she had made Henry sell all that she possessed, as they were suffering for bread.

“Alas! alas! my child, I cannot leave my bed. I have neither dresses nor shoes.”

“You shall have all those things, dear mother,” exclaimed Henry.

Drawing his thistle from his pocket, he smelled it while he wished for dresses, linen, shoes for his mother and himself and also for linen for the house. At the same moment the presses were filled with linen, his mother was dressed in a good and beautiful robe of merino and Henry completely clothed in blue cloth, with good, substantial shoes. They both uttered a cry of joy. His mother sprang from her bed to run through the house with Henry. Nothing was wanting. Everywhere the furniture was good and comfortable. The kitchen was filled with pots and kettles; but there was nothing in them.

Henry again put his thistle to his nose and desired to have a good dinner served up.

A table soon appeared, with good smoking soup, a splendid leg of lamb, a roasted pullet and good salad. They took seats at the table with the appetite of those who had not eaten for three years. The soup was soon swallowed, the leg of lamb entirely eaten, then the pullet, then the salad.

When their hunger was thus appeased, the mother, ​aided by Henry, took off the cloth, washed and arranged all the dishes and then put the kitchen in perfect order. They then made up their beds with the sheets they found in the presses and went happily to bed, thanking God and the good fairy Bienfaisante. The mother also gave grateful thanks for her dear son Henry.

They lived thus most happily, they wanted nothing—the thistle provided everything. They did not grow old or sick—the claw cured every ill. They never used the staff, as they were too happy at home ever to desire to leave it.

Henry asked of his thistle only two cows, two good horses and the necessaries of life for every day. He wished for nothing superfluous, either in clothing or food and thus he preserved his thistle as long as he lived. It is not known when they died. It is supposed that the Queen of the Fairies made them immortal and transported them to her palace, where they still are.

Pennisetum ‘Fairy Tails’ (Evergreen Fountain Grass) – An evergreen fountain grass that was discovered at John Greenlee’s Pomona nursery. This plant forms 2 to 3 foot wide clumps with upright foliage to 4 feet tall (or more with regular irrigation) and dark wheat-colored blooms rising above the foliage in spring and summer. Plant in full sun. Height can be curtailed some by careful irrigation. Should prove hardy and evergreen to 20-25° F and possibly root hardy below this. Can be left alone or cut back in winter to freshen the look of the newly emerging foliage. Though we do not claim it sterile, even in large stands we have not seen any seedlings emerge of this plant. This grass was originally introduced by John Greenlee in 2001 with the name ‘Fairy Tails’ as a play on words with “tails” referencing the long showy inflorescences. San Marcos Growers began growing this plant in 2003. We note that some list this plant incorrectly as Pennisetum ‘Fairy Tales’ but since we received this plant from John Greenlee with the name ‘Fairy Tails’, we have continued to list it with this spelling as the originator intended. The information on this page is based on research conducted in our nursery library and from online sources as well as from observations made of this plant as it grows in our nursery, in the nursery’s garden and in other gardens that we have observed it in. We also will incorporate comments received from others and always appreciate getting feedback of any kind from those who have additional information, particularly if this information is contrary to what we have written or includes additional cultural tips that might aid others in growing Pennisetum ‘Fairy Tails’.

Fairy Tail (妖精の尻尾(フェアリーテイル) Fearī Teiru) is the strongest guild in the Kingdom of Fiore. It was originally disbanded in the aftermath of the Guild War against Tartaros, however it was reestablished one year later by many of its more prominent members. The name of “Fairy Tail” represents a sense of adventure for one to be able to discover more about mysteries and fate.


Current | Temporary

Current localization of the guild

Fairy Tail’s original location was situated in the Kingdom of Fiore, on the southern coast of the country in Magnolia Town where it was the only guild (until the arrival of Twilight Ogre). It was located in the south of the town not far from the coast, and the guild was situated about 4-5 kilometers up the Magnolia central path. When the core members of Fairy Tail disappeared for 7 years, the remaining members could no longer afford to keep Fairy Tail’s first building so it went into foreclosure. After they left it, they moved into a small tavern, that lies on top of a small hill, and made it their base of operations. Though upon arriving back in Magnolia town after their victory at the Grand Magic Games, the guild’s first building has since been rebuilt in the center of the city by the people of Magnolia town as a reward for their victory in the Grand Magic Games.


Do fairies really have tails? Do they even exist… Like them, this place as an eternal mystery… A never ending adventure!

—Makarov Dreyar about the true meaning of Fairy Tail in “Now We’re Even”

It was said that the founder of Fairy Tail guild was a real Fairy. It is revealed that Fairy Tail guild was founded by Mavis Vermillion, Precht, Warrod Sequen and Yuri Dreyar in the year X686. The first Master of Fairy Tail was Mavis Vermillion. Mavis’ grave is located on Fairy Tail’s holy ground, Tenrou Island.

Fairy Tail has existed for at least several decades but has only grown to its current prominence and strength in the last few years. In this growth, it began to rival another large guild, Phantom Lord, and they began to be seen as symbols of the country. When the core members of Fairy Tail disappeared, the guild dropped to last place in strength, however, the core members returned seven years later.

S-Class Mage Promotion Trial

In the Fairy Tail Guild, the Trial (S-Class Mage Promotion Trial) is an event that is held every year, where the Master selects the most prominent members to participate in a trial in order to be promoted to S-Class Mages. Every year the trial is different and the venue also. Current S-Class Mages also take part in the Trial, to increase the difficulty of the task and make the Trial even harder to complete.


A parade held every year at The Harvest Festival where Fairy Tail Mages all display their Magic in a fantastical performance. The event is looked forward to not only by the members of Fairy Tail but by the whole population of Magnolia.

Leaving Fairy Tail

Whenever a Mage wishes to leave Fairy Tail, they are free to do so, however they are expected to follow three rules:

  1. You must never reveal sensitive information about Fairy Tail to others for as long as you live.
  2. You must never use former contacts met through your being in the guild for personal gain.
  3. Though our paths may have diverged, you must continue to live out your life with all your might, you must never consider your own life to be something insignificant, and you must never forget about your friends for as long as you live.


Ultear Milkovich stated that Fairy Tail is the strongest guild in Fiore. She also commented that Zeref’s retrieval from Tenrou Island could be problematic as Fairy Tail’s main members were currently situated there. Later, Lahar of the Magic Council notes that Fairy Tail is one of the three biggest protuberances of the Magic world, alongside Grimoire Heart and Zeref. There are around 100 Mages in Fairy Tail.

During the S-Class Mage Promotion Trial all of Fairy Tail’s most powerful members, including its Guild Master, disappeared. After that incident, Fairy Tail’s strength dropped significantly until the missing Mages reappeared 7 years later. Even though the lesser members grew stronger, the loss of the core members still greatly affected Fairy Tail’s strength, especially in comparison to guilds like Blue Pegasus and Lamia Scale, whose powers grew exponentially.


Most of Fairy Tail’s prominent members

In year X784, Fairy Tail was composed by roughly 100 members. However, due to the events of Tenrou Island, the number of Mages was heavily reduced, remaining quite scant even following the return of many of the guild’s top members from the island itself, ranking in few tens.

In spite of the guild’s immense reputation and fame, becoming a member of Fairy Tail requires little more than the simple approval of the Guild Master, regardless of magical capabilities, former allegiances or the other members’ opinion. This seems to be particularly true, as Makarov Dreyar had no troubles letting in Juvia Lockser, a former Mage of the Phantom Lord guild, which had started a Guild War with Fairy Tail and caused it great damage; Gajeel Redfox, another Mage from Phantom Lord who had badly injured Fairy Tail’s Shadow Gear team and wreaked havoc on the guild’s first building, was even invited into Fairy Tail by Makarov himself, with the Guild Master claiming that it was his duty to “guide young men who have lost their way back onto the right path”.

Mirajane Strauss, while talking to Lucy Heartfilia, explained that everyone in Fairy Tail carries the wounds of a sad past.

Name Rank Team Status
Mavis Vermillion 1st Guild Master None Deceased
Precht Gaebolg 2nd Guild Master None Left Guild
Makarov Dreyar 3rd, 6th & 8th Guild Master Team Makarov Active
Macao Conbolt Mage
4th Guild Master
None Active
Gildarts Clive S-Class Mage
5th Guild Master
None Active
Erza Scarlet S-Class Mage
7th Guild Master
Team Natsu Active
Mirajane Strauss S-Class Mage None Active
Mystogan S-Class Mage None Left Guild
Laxus Dreyar S-Class Mage None Active
Cana Alberona Mage None Active
Elfman Strauss Mage None Active
Freed Justine Mage Thunder God Tribe Active
Gray Fullbuster Mage Team Natsu Active
Juvia Lockser Mage None Active
Levy McGarden Mage Shadow Gear Active
Natsu Dragneel Mage Team Natsu Active
Happy Mage Team Natsu Active
Lucy Heartfilia Mage Team Natsu Active
Bickslow Mage Thunder God Tribe Active
Evergreen Mage Thunder God Tribe Active
Droy Mage Shadow Gear Active
Jet Mage Shadow Gear Active
Gajeel Redfox Mage None Active
Wendy Marvell Mage Team Natsu Active
Carla Mage Team Natsu Active
Panther Lily Mage None Active
Alzack Connell Mage None Active
Bisca Connell Mage None Active
Mest Gryder Mage None Active
Laki Olietta Mage None Active
Lisanna Strauss Mage None Active
Max Alors Mage None Active
Nab Lasaro Mage None Active
Reedus Jonah Mage None Active
Romeo Conbolt Mage None Active
Vijeeter Ecor Mage None Active
Warren Rocko Mage None Active
Wakaba Mine Mage – 4th Guild Master’s Advisor None Active
Kinana Mage – Waitress None Active
Touka Mage None Active
Loke Mage None Semi-Active
Porlyusica Mage – Medicinal Advisor Team Makarov Semi-Active
Rita Unknown None Deceased
Yuri Dreyar Mage None Deceased
Mickey Chickentiger Mage Young Mega-Death Left Guild
Tono Rabbits Mage None Left Guild
Wan Chanzi Mage None Left Guild
Chico C Hammitt Mage None Left Guild
Joey Fullborn Mage None Left Guild
Enno Mage None Left Guild
Krov Mage None Left Guild
Mikuni Shin Mage None Left Guild
Niggy Mage None Left Guild
Rob Mage Team Makarov Deceased
Bob Mage Team Makarov Left Guild
Goldmine Mage Team Makarov Left Guild
Yajima Mage Team Makarov Left Guild
Warrod Sequen Mage None Left Guild
Ivan Dreyar Mage None Excommunicated
Wraith Mage None Deceased

Magic & Equipment


Fairy Tail has four, powerful Magic spells associated with the guild. They are as follows:

Major Battles

  • Fairy Tail vs. Phantom Lord
  • Fairy Tail vs. Jose’s Shades
  • Fairy Tail vs. Daphne’s Lizardmen & Dragonoid
  • Fairy Tail vs. Sugarboy (Earth Land), Mary Hughes & Coco (Earth Land)
  • Fairy Tail, Lyon Vastia, Byro Cracy & Dan Straight vs. Reborn Oración Seis
  • Fairy Tail vs. Atlas Flame
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