Phlox Paniculata White Admiral

Phlox Paniculata White Admiral is a fragrant and colourful perennial cultivar of Phlox paniculata that combines well with sedum, daisies, oriental lilies, peonies and irises. Phloxes are ideal border plants that are highly attractive to bees and butterflies. Phlox is long-flowering and also well suited to cut flower displays.

  • Fragrant flowers from July to September
  • Hardy
  • Prefers well-drained soil and a sunny spot
  • Full-grown height 80 – 120 cm

This plant is delivered to you as a pot plant. The diameter of the pot will vary between 9 and 17 cm in diameter, depending on the available product. The plant is delivered to you in special protective packaging. The actual height of the plant you will receive, varies during the season. We guarantee robust and healthy plants that will flower immediately.

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Phlox plants: Phlox Paniculata White Admiral

The characteristics of this product:

  • Name: Phlox Paniculata White Admiral
  • Short naam: Phlox
  • Latin naam: Phlox Paniculata
  • Alternative naam: Garden Phlox
  • Alternative naam:
  • Category: Plants
  • Pieces/packaging: 1
  • Price: £ 3.99
  • Flowering period: July to September
  • Planting period: January to December
  • Expected height (fully grown): 60 cm and above
  • Place in garden: Partial sun to Full sun
  • Color of the flowers: White

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  • Gardening

    Phlox Paniculata

    Phlox comes as a ground cover perennial, but the one I will talk about first today is the tall cottage garden Phlox, the one that wafts a summer fragrance throughout your garden.

    There are not many perennials that have all the advantages of a Phlox:

    height for the back of a border

    fabulous fragrance

    low maintenance

    Can be grown in a pot or container

    flowers each year in sun, or perhaps more importantly for us, without sun

    This sturdy upright perennial reaches 2 – 4ft tall. It flowers from July to September (with the deadheading of the older flowers). Phlox comes in a range of colours; from white to pastel pinks, lavenders, purples, orange and red – so there’s a colour for all tastes!

    I grow Phlox in a north-facing border, which only gets sun in late afternoon, but it never fails to bloom, even last year!

    Wildlife: Phlox attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, so a great plant for attracting wildlife. I find birds love he seed heads in autumn/winter,

    Some of the best varieties include:

    Amethyst – Violet

    Fujiyama – Brilliant white

    Red Riding Hood – Red

    Peppermint Twist – Pink & white

    The ground cover version:

    If I said to you that I have a plant that will grow in the poorest of soils, survive the arctic winters we’ve had, and flower it’s head off, what would you say?

    I have that very plant for you, but before you start planting it, you will have to know what it likes – or more importantly, what it hates!

    Well, firstly let me tell you what it likes:

    a windy site, but with plenty of sun

    stoney, poor soil

    And what it hates:

    heavy wet soil

    a shady position

    So, as you can see the ground cover Phlox and it’s tall sister ‘Paniculata’ have very different requirements! The ground cover Phlox is really an alpine (rockery) plant, growing in windy high attitudes, on shaley rock, but likes lots of sunshine.

    Surely you can find a sunny position on stoney soil (or a slope!), but if not, all is not lost: you can grow it in a trough, sink, container or any type of pot.

    The best variety of alpine.rockery Phlox are:

    Phlox ‘Eva’

    Phlox ‘McDonnell’s Cushion’

    Companion plants for Phlox (the tall varieties) include:

    – Delphiniums


    Paeony roses

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