How to see amazing NJ private gardens, open to public on select upcoming days


Video tour of Rutgers Gardens flowers STAFF VIDEO BY MARK R. SULLIVAN


For the past 25 years, the Garden Conservancy, which works to save and share American gardens, does just that with its Open Days program, which welcomes visitors into thousands of private landscapes throughout the country.

Throughout 41 states, those looking for a breath of nature have gotten to experience urban rooftops, organic farms, historic estates and innovative suburban lots thanks to the program. Here in the Garden State, our nickname holds true — we have 11 Open Days events coming to New Jersey.

Want to see these gardens for yourself? Check out these Open Days events happening in Central Jersey.

Bellsflower Garden ~Courtesy of The Garden Conservancy The Gardens at Federal Twist. ~Courtesy of The Garden Conservancy Gardens at the Stone House. ~Courtesy of Hilary Clayton Gardens at the Stone House. ~Courtesy of Hilary Clayton Paxson Hill Farm. ~Courtesy of The Garden Conservancy Jardin de Buis. ~Courtesy of The Garden Conservancy

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The Garden at Federal Twist, Stockton

Huge perennials and grasses, many of which are taller than its visitors, are the highlight at the naturalist Garden at Federal Twist, which “evokes an Alice-in-Wonderland feeling,” describes the event listing.

Here, plants are massed in interwoven communities and emphasize structure, shape and form rather than flower, which began as an experiment to explore garden making in the challenging conditions of heavy, wet clay. If you stop by, make sure you also check out the two small ponds which attract hundreds of frogs, insects and wildlife.

If you go: 208 Federal Twist Road, Stockton; 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, June 15; $10 per adult (under 12 free);

Paxson Hill Farm, New Hope

With 30 acres of imaginative landscapes utilizing winding, naturalistic paths inspired by world travels, Paxson Hill Farm in New Hope may not technically be in Hunterdon County but it’s certainly worth a visit for those with an eye for design.

When this garden is open, visitors can find elaborate ponds, a large hedge maze, a conifer garden, formal and not-so-formal gardens and even a Hobbit House.

If you go: 3265 Comfort Road, New Hope; 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, June 15; $10 per adult;

Bellsflower Garden, Stockton

If you love eye-catching color, then the irises, roses, hydrangeas and flowering shrubs found throughout the year at Bellsflower Garden is for you.

Bellsflower Garden is very much both a labor of love and that of someone who was once a new gardener. Owner Ruth Mummey started the garden when she purchased the property in 1995 and, with little knowledge and lots of enthusiasm, chose plants for color and size. Those that survived began to shape the garden, which can now be seen in all of its vibrant glory.

If you go: 33 Rittenhouse Road, Stockton; 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 10; $10 per adult (under 12 free);

Stone House Garden, Far Hills

Located next door to the Hay Honey Farm, the old Pennsylvania stone “Stone House” houses gardens of its own, including one featuring Spanish bluebells and low-growing Rhus aromatica.

PHOTOS: Life-like Seward Johnson sculptures visiting Somerville

While here, explore the path that circles the house to make your way through the medallion garden, the kitchen garden, terrace, Mimi’s garden and the bog, which hosts an explosion of Primula candelabra, fern, and skunk cabbage in the springtime.

Jardin de Buis, Pottersville

What started as a complete renovation and expansion of an 18th-century dairy farm on 35 acres in 1992 has grown into an ongoing project including a thyme garden, formal French potager, greenhouse and boxwood nursery.

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In creating Jardin de Buis, owner Andrea Filippone sought to find a balance between the things they loved: French formal boxwood gardens, English borders, the informal play of trees and an informal interpretation of an American country landscape.

If you go: 129 Pickle Road, Pottersville; 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 14; $10 per adult (under 12 free);

Jenna Intersimone writes the weekly Central Jersey Go column, which appears Mondays in the Courier News and Home News Tribune and spotlights five weekly local destinations.

She also writes a weekly travel column and is a regular contributor to the weekly Table section. Tweet her at @JIntersimone or email her at [email protected]

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Garden Conservancy lets you peek at some private gardens

What are your plans for the weekend? Consider garden hopping. To some special private gardens.

An organization called The Garden Conservancy makes it easy to find and visit them.

Each year, the Garden Conservancy puts out a booklet called the Open Days Directory, with descriptions of about 300 private gardens that are opened to the public on specified dates. (Full disclosure: My garden is one of those this year.)

In each directory, you can look gardens up by state or location. If you’re looking for gardens to visit on, say, June 22, you could find all of them, near and far, that can be visited that day. This year, that day’s offerings include two gardens in New Jersey, eight in New York, two in Pennsylvania and six in Washington state.


The Garden Conservancy began with the vision of Frank Cabot and the garden of Ruth Bancroft. In 1988, Bancroft was getting on in years and unable to lavish the care needed to maintain her extraordinary and artfully designed Walnut Creek, California, garden of cacti, succulents and native plants.

After visiting her garden, Cabot conceived of the Garden Conservancy as an organization to “preserve exceptional American gardens for the public’s education and enjoyment.”

He was no garden slouch himself: His gardens — Les Quatre Vents in La Malbaie, Quebec, and Stonecrop in Cold Spring, New York — are famous. The latter is open to the public on days spelled out in the Open Days Directory.

The Garden Conservancy now provides the legal, financial, and horticultural expertise to transition certain gardens from private to nonprofit ownership. Gardens on the island of Alcatraz and at Steepletop, the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay’s home in Austerlitz, New York, are among ones that have been saved from weeds, pests and the vagaries of weather that threaten neglected gardens.


Money from memberships, directory sales and garden visits help support the Garden Conservancy’s efforts. The directory costs $25 and each garden visit $10, but a coupon in each directory provides free admission to one garden. (Children under 12 are free, and coupons from previous years can still be used for garden entry this year.)

Directories and further information are available from the Garden Conservancy (888-842-2442, ).

The roster of gardens in the directory changes from year to year. And the gardens vary, some formal, others cottagey, some quirky, some intimate and others sprawling.

Perhaps your own garden is a candidate for Open Days, or Open Day visits will inspire you to loftier heights in your own back, front and side yards. Happy hopping.

Visit these private gardens in NY, NJ during Open Days 2019 garden tours


The Open Days Program of the nonprofit Garden Conservancy allows visitors to see some of the best private gardens in the country, most of which are open just one day a year.

Touring these gardens is a great way to get ideas on what might look good back at home in your yard. It’s all very informal and friendly – have a look at one or two of the gardens near you, or visit several in a different county and make a day of it. Go with a friend and pick a nice spot for lunch.

Along with all of the pretty flowers on view, you’ll pick up tips about fencing, shrubs and trees, stonework, decks and terraces, and how to deal with deer, difficult slopes and shady spots.

For now through September, here are 10 great Open Days gardens scattered across Bergen and Hunterdon counties in New Jersey and Westchester and Dutchess counties in New York. Happy gardening.

Rocky Hills

Visit: 95 Old Roaring Brook Road, Chappaqua, New York

Open Day: May 18, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Current owners Barbara and Rick Romeo are carrying on the rich gardening tradition begun here in the 1950s by Henriette Suhr, who died in 2015 at the age of 99, and her late husband, William. In May, the countless rhododendrons and azaleas take center stage on the 13-acre property, along with the carpet of bulbs and sky-blue forget-me-nots that are allowed full freedom to roam about the garden. Other highlights include peonies, weeping beech, dogwoods, ferns, a hillside meadow, and an impressive collection of magnolias and conifers, especially dawn redwoods.

Bonus: Two other Westchester gardens are open on May 18 — Shobha Vanchiswar and Murali Mani’s garden at 76 Castle Road in Chappaqua, and the Garden at Moose Crossing at 1605 Spring Valley Road in Ossining. At the Garden at Moose Crossing, SavATree’s Brad Gurr, an ISA certified arborist who has worked on this property for many years, will be available to answer tree- or landscape-related questions. He will offer 30-minute tours at 10 a.m., 11 a.m., and noon, focusing on outstanding specimen trees and practices that keep them healthy.

Brae Willows

Visit: 49 Long Ridge Road, Bedford, New York

Open Day: June 1, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

What began in 1967 as a barren plot of open land with three rhododendrons and a few mature trees is now a lush one-acre garden with four-season interest, all designed, planted and maintained by the owner (except for the pruning of the large hedges). Look for lots of conifers, three bridges over a seasonal creek, and curved stone walls and pathways through the beds and borders.

Bonus: The Westchester garden of Vivian and Ed Merrin, at 2547 Maple Ave. in Cortlandt, is also open on June 1, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Edgecroft, garden of Anthony ‘Bud’ and Virginia Korteweg

Visit: 800 Summit Ave., River Edge, New Jersey

Open Day: June 15, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Edgecroft is an expansive terraced property laid out in 1910 by Italian artisans. A gated brick courtyard entrance with an allée of hydrangeas greets guests. Highlights of the garden include a Victorian-style perennial garden with David Austin antique roses, a stone-columned pergola draped in roses, wisteria, and honeysuckle, and a series of three koi ponds interspersed with nine waterfalls that cascade down terraces edged with aged pines, golden larches, flowering cherry trees, dogwoods, hydrangeas, wild strawberries and creeping roses.

Monfried Garden

Visit: 15 Stone Fence Road, Allendale, New Jersey

Open Day: June 22, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The front gardens here were replanted last year with deer-resistant varieties of perennials, annuals and shrubs, and the owners are happy to provide lists of the plants to interested visitors. Also last year, the owners cleaned up the back gardens, dividing overgrown perennials to give everything more room. In the woodland garden, visitors will find more beds with native plants.

Sisko Gardens

Visit: 113 Fardale Ave., Mahwah, New Jersey

Open Day: June 22, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Paul Sisko, a talented sculptor, builder and gardener, has been working on this 3.5-acre property for more than 30 years. It was completely wooded within 100 feet of all sides of the original house when he started. Major tree removal has allowed space and light for lots of terraced gardens, stonewalls and planting beds as well as a fishpond and pool area. More than 1,000 feet of recently installed deer fencing and electric driveway gates have allowed him to expand his plant choices. Don’t miss the many contemporary metal sculptures, all by Sisko, scattered across the property.

Dappled Berms — Garden of Scott VanderHamm

Visit: 74 Colburn Drive, Poughkeepsie, New York

Open Day: June 22, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This lush one-acre garden is such a surprise, tucked into a ho-hum 1950s suburban neighborhood. If you garden with mature trees and lots of shade, this garden is a must-see, with more than 315 different hosta cultivars (all labeled) spread among the many beds and man-made berms. Dappled Berms is one of 25 gardens featured in the recently published book by Linda O’Keefe, “Inside Outside: A Sourcebook of Inspired Garden Rooms.”

Bonus: Adams Fairacre Farms will be on site selling plants.

Double bonus: Six other Dutchess County gardens are open on June 22 — Broccoli Hall-Maxine Paetro in Amenia, Alice Pond in Poughkeepsie, Nimmer Dor-Garden of Frank and Lois Van Zanten, Tranquility in Poughkeepsie, Uplands Farm-Zibby and Jim Tozer, and Innisfree Garden in Millbrook.

Garden of Bernard Marquez and Tim Fish

Visit: 74 Hemlock Road, South Salem, New York

Open Day: June 30, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Recently featured in “Garden Design” magazine, this multi-roomed garden uses conifers and broadleaf evergreens, including a variety of boxwoods, some rare in the Northeast, as the primary structural elements. Highlights include a koi pond and other water features, lots of stonework as well as natural stone outcrops, and views of Pound Ridge Reservation and Lake Kitchawan.

Bonus:Three other Westchester gardens are open on June 30 – Phillis Warden’s garden in Bedford Hills, the Greneker in Mount Kisco and the Hen & the Hive in North Salem.

Ellen and Eric Petersen’s garden

Visit: 378 Conklin Hill Road, Stanfordville, New York

Open Day: July 27, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Like many exuberant gardeners, Ellen Petersen says that her Dutchess County garden gets bigger every year. She has been gardening here since 1981. Highlights of her garden include a meadow of Sporobolus heterolepis (prairie dropseed) that frames a sculpture by Vivian Beer, container and native plantings, and lots of annual and perennial sunflowers. The garden was included in Jane Garmey’s book “Private Gardens of the Hudson Valley.” Peterson is active in the Millbrook Garden Club and serves as a horticultural judge for the Garden Club of America.

Bonus: A Digging Deeper talk by Ellen Peterson, “The Evolution of a Gardener,” will be held at 2 p.m., $40.

Bird Haven Farm

Visit: 38 Hollow Brook Road,Tewksbury, New Jersey

Open Day: Sept. 14, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The original 19th-century stone house here was the home of Harriet Stratemeyer Adams, creator of the Nancy Drew mystery stories. Newer buildings include a 1990s contemporary home and a guesthouse. The landscape features hay meadows, a lush orchard of heirloom apples and other fruit trees, a boxwood-bordered herb garden, vegetable and flower gardens, and a meandering woodland walk with cascading ponds and a mahonia and laurel glade.

Bonus: Ken Selody of Atlock Farm in Somerset, New Jersey, will be selling topiaries and other plants. Garden owner Janet Mavec will be selling her orchard jewelry. A Digging Deeper event, “Apples & Orchards – A Cider Making Party” will be held at 3 p.m., $40.

Double bonus: Four other nearby gardens are also open on Sept. 14 – Hay Honey Farm, Ellistan and Stone House Garden, all in Far Hills, New Jersey, and Jardin de Buis in Pottersville, New Jersey.

Clove Brook Farm – Christopher Spitzmiller

Visit: 857 N. Clove Road, Millbrook, New York

Open Day: Sept. 21, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The garden at Clove Brook Farm, which flows around an 1830s Greek Revival farmhouse, was designed by P. Allen Smith in collaboration with potter Christopher Spitzmiller in 2014. It was featured in the July 2015 Country House issue of Architectural Digest. Allen chose topiaries, Japanese willows, and white ‘Phantom’ hydrangeas to accent the front perennial beds and create a focal point. The horseshoe-shaped layout begins with two long, mixed perennial beds toward the front, and the additional rectangular beds include a mix of flowers and vegetables planted to bloom seasonally.

Bonus: Two other Dutchess County gardens are open on Sept. 21 – Helen Bodian’s garden in Millerton and Innisfree, a public garden in Millbrook.

If you go

For more information on these and other Open Days gardens, including detailed driving directions, visit Garden Conservancy Open Days at

Open Days are held rain or shine, and garden visits are self guided. Admission for most gardens is $10 per garden (children 12 and under are free), and discounted ticket booklets are available in advance. Proceeds support the national work of the Garden Conservancy.

You can see all of the Open Days gardens nationwide in the 2019 Open Days Directory, which costs $25 including shipping. For more information, visit or call the Garden Conservancy at 888-842-2442.

Mother’s Day, May 12

18 Stonecrop Lane, Cold Spring

Originally the home of Frank and Anne Cabot, (Frank Cabot is the founder of the Garden Conservancy) Stonecrop became a public garden in 1992. The display gardens cover an area of about 12 acres and incorporate a diverse collection of gardens and plants including woodland and water gardens, a grass garden, raised alpine stone beds, a cliff rock garden, perennial beds, and an enclosed English-style flower garden. Additional features include a conservatory, display alpine house, a pit house with an extensive collection of choice dwarf bulbs, and systematic order beds representing over fifty plant families.

23 Flint Hill Road, Amenia

10 a.m.-4 p.m. Visitors to Broccoli Hall describe this English-style cottage garden as “incredible,” “inspirational,” “magical.” Broccoli Hall offers an apple tunnel, a brick courtyard, a lavish display of spring bulbs blooming with crab apples in May; an extensive border of irises, peonies, and old shrub roses flowering in June; a tree house with long views; and a secret woodland garden with a teddy bears’ picnic.

The Chocolate Factory

21 Cedar Hill Road, Red Hook

10 a.m.-2 p.m. Built on the ruined foundation of a 1895 Livingston grist mill, this garden combines English style naturalism with the Hudson Valley ideal of the picturesque. The site slopes steeply down to a dramatic waterfall on the Sawkill Creek, which powered the mill and then the chocolate factory which briefly replaced it. The garden was designed to take advantage of the factory ruins, the layered rocky terrain, and the surrounding woods


28 Reynwood Drive, Brewster

10 a.m.-4 p.m. The garden is divided into a couple of dozen separate areas. The long beds in front of the horse paddocks are each devoted to a different color scheme, and the very long bed bordering the indoor arena is devoted to many woodland plants, natives, and other shade-lovers. Near the house at the top of the driveway we have a number of island beds with specimen trees that were planted as saplings, a spectacular planted rock outcrop with large and small Japanese maples and miniature conifers, as well as native wildflowers. Garden extras: At 11 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 2:30 p.m., owner Cathy McWilliams will lead a tour of her gardens, answering any questions and providing the names, origins, and culture of as many of the plants as possible.

Top Gardens in South Devon, England

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Beautiful gardens in South Devon

With such wonderful natural scenery in the region, it’s no wonder that the most beautiful gardens in South Devon are about working with nature, enhancing rather than competing with the local environment. From civic public spaces like Royal Avenue Gardens in Dartmouth to the formal, landscaped grounds of Dartington Hall, you’ll be amazed at the variety of South Devon gardens for you to explore, as well as how perfectly they complement their surroundings.

Whether you’re a keen horticulturalist or just eager to get out and enjoy the colour and splendour of these gardens in the fresh air, you’ll find no shortage of outdoor spaces to enjoy.

Here are some of our favourite gardens in South Devon.

Royal Avenue Gardens, Dartmouth

On the Quay in the heart of the historic maritime town of Dartmouth, you’ll find some of the most beautiful gardens in South Devon. For many years, Royal Avenue Gardens was adorned mainly with flower beds in what Dartmouth Green Partnerships describe as a ‘Victorian-style’ approach, but more recently it has shifted towards a more sustainable mix of seasonal and permanent plants.

In 2015, a Japanese-style garden area was introduced, and other popular spots are the fountain by the entrance to the gardens, and the model ship made from flowers. In the summer, visitors either take advantage of the many benches dotted around Royal Avenue Gardens or lie out on the lawn, watching the world go by.

Overbeck’s House and Garden, Salcombe

The National Trust property ‘Overbecks’ in Salcombe, is the former home of inventor and scientist Otto Overbeck. Touring the gardens is simultaneously like travelling around the world and stepping back in time, given that the garden’s history dates back to 1913 and includes many rare plants from all over the globe. You can also enjoy unsurpassed views over the picturesque Salcombe estuary from the garden, and follow your stroll with a delicious Devonshire Cream Tea in the tea room.

Greenway, near Galmpton

On the wooded banks of a beautiful stretch of the River Dart, opposite picturesque Dittisham, you’ll find Greenway house and gardens, the former home of the late Dame Agatha Christie. These informal gardens blend beautifully with the local environment, with flower displays, a fernery and large lawn area, surrounded by woodland and criss-crossed with winding paths.

Free garden tours, lasting around 40 minutes, are offered by the National Trust staff at 2 pm every day.

Find out more about all three National Trust-managed properties in South Devon in this blog article.

Dartington Gardens, near Totnes

The Dartington Hall Estate near Totnes sits at the top of the South Hams region. The Grade 2 listed gardens feature a beautifully maintained tiltyard, colourful seasonal borders, a yew tree over 1,500 years old and a Henry Moore Sculpture, as well as breathtaking views of the surrounding South Devon countryside.

Walk through the courtyard to appreciate the architecture of the estate’s beautifully restored centrepiece, and why not stop at the White Hart or Roundhouse Café for something to eat?

See lots of photos and learn more about the rich history of Dartington here.

Kingsbridge in Bloom

Since 2007, the historic market town of Kingsbridge has been taking part in the annual ‘South West in Bloom’ competition with great success. Over the years the town has won several Gold Awards. Indeed, in 2014 Kingsbridge was crowned joint regional Champion of Champions, sharing the accolade with Truro. Subsequently they were invited to take part in the national competition – ‘Britain in Bloom’.

This year, the team of volunteers that keeps Kingsbridge looking so beautiful will have to wait until 6th October before they learn the results of this year’s competition, the ninth time they have entered.

This map, produced for the Kingsbridge in Bloom team, illustrates the areas the volunteers focus on when making the town look so special.

Where to stay for garden-lovers

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Enjoy long walks along the nearby South West Coast Path, before enjoying complimentary use of the leisure centre in Kingsbridge.

All of our 400 luxury holiday homes in Dartmouth, Salcombe, and elsewhere in South Devon are in easy reach of these majestic, masterfully manicured gardens.

Gardens in Devon, England

Gardens > England > Devon

England is the most garden-loving country in the world, with more gardens open to the public than anywhere else. London is the Garden Capital of the world, in the sense of having a higher proportion of garden-loving residents than any other capital city in the world. But there are disappointingly few great English gardens in London: one therefore has to travel by car or train to other English regions to find great gardens to visit. The most famous period in English garden history is the eighteenth century, when the original English landscape gardens were made. In addition to these English Garden Finder entries, please see Garden Tours in England for information on tours, self-guided visits tailor-made tours and gardens open to the public in England and our guide to Garden Hotels in the UK.

  • Lukesland Gardens

    The Victorian gothic revival house, designed by W. E. Matthews, was built in 1862 as a shooting lodge. The garden is …

  • Arlington Court Garden
  • Babbacombe Model Village
  • Bicton Park Botanical Gardens
  • Buckland Abbey
  • Castle Drogo Garden
  • Coleton Fishacre Garden
  • Dartington Hall Garden
  • Docton Mill and Garden
  • Garden House
  • Gidleigh Park
  • Greenway
  • Hartland Abbey Gardens
  • Hill House Nursery and Garden
  • Hotel Endsleigh Gardens
  • Killerton House and Garden
  • Knightshayes Court Garden
  • Marwood Hill Garden
  • Overbeck’s Museum and Garden
  • Paignton Zoo Environmental Park
  • Plant World Gardens
  • Reed Hall Garden University of Exeter
  • Rosemoor RHS Garden
  • Saltram House Garden
  • Tapeley Park

Recently updated Gardens

  • Miserden Park Gardens updated at 31 Jan 16:20
  • Gatton Park updated at 31 Jan 16:08
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  • Food and drink at Bodnant Garden

    Here at Bodnant Garden our team freshly prepare local, seasonal food every day and also serve special menus on occasions throughout the year, from Valentine’s Day to Christmas lunch, as well as special culinary events – check our events section for seasonal treats.

    This year Bodnant Garden received the Soil Association’s Bronze Food for Life Served Here Award. The award recognises our commitment to serving local, fresh and honest food made using ethical and sustainable ingredients.

    Pavilion Tearoom

    The Pavilion tearoom near the car park is open 10am-5pm in spring and summer (with early and late opening from 9am to 6pm in May and June) and 10-4pm in autumn and winter, offering breakfasts, snacks, cakes and bakes and hot meals. Choose a table indoors, sit under the covered veranda or outside on the lawn in summer.

    Magnolia Tearoom

    You’ll find the Magnolia tearoom close to the garden centre and garden exit. Open 11am-4pm all year round and it’s the pefect spot for a drink and a snack, or afternoon tea, with seating inside and in the courtyard outside. The Magnolia also houses our second hand book stall. Both the Pavilion and Magnolia tearooms offer take-away options to take into the garden with you.

    Dell Kiosk

    The Dell Kiosk near the Old Mill, newly refurbished in 2019, offers hot and cold snacks and drinks. Pick up a bite to enjoy at one of the tables along the riverside, inside the Old Mill or around the brazier at weekends in autumn and winter. Our Dell Kiosk opens from 11am-4pm April to October and 11am-3pm in autumn and during winter weekends.

    Assistance dogs only inside the tearooms. Dogs are welcome at outside seating areas.

    Open Gardens in Gloucestershire

    Adlestrop Village Open Gardens
    — Awaiting 2020 details for this event —
    Ashley Open Gardens
    — This event is resting for 2020 —
    Barnsley Village Garden Festival
    — Awaiting 2020 details for this event —
    Bourton on the Hill Open Gardens
    — This event is resting for 2020 —
    Box Village Open Gardens
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    Chalford and France Lynch Garden Trail
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    Chedworth Open Gardens Weekend
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    Chipping Campden Open Gardens
    — Awaiting 2020 details for this event —
    Church Westcote Open Gardens
    — Awaiting 2020 details for this event —
    Cirencester Open Gardens
    Sunday 5th July 2020
    Town-centre gardens will be open based around Coxwell Street and the Mead. Barton Lane Allotments will also be open. Refreshments available. ….
    Doynton Open Gardens
    Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st May 2020
    The village is situated on the edge of the Cotswold escarpment in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The gardens that will be opening are very varied – from small, bijou gardens to large country gardens, all with their own ….
    Elkstone Open Gardens
    — Awaiting 2020 details for this event —
    Frampton on Severn Open Gardens
    — Awaiting 2020 details for this event —
    Kempley Open Gardens
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    Littledean Open Gardens
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    Minchinhampton and Hyde Open Gardens
    — This event is resting for 2020 —
    Newnham on Severn Open Gardens
    — Awaiting 2020 details for this event —
    North Cerney Open Gardens
    Saturday 13th June 2020
    North Cerney Village Open Day welcomes you to enjoy a varied selection of cottage gardens set in a beautiful Cotswold village. Tea and cakes will be served in the Village Hall. ….
    Prestbury Open Gardens
    — Awaiting 2020 details for this event —
    Randwick Open Gardens and Village Trail
    — Awaiting 2020 details for this event —
    Ripple and Uckinghall Open Gardens
    — Awaiting 2020 details for this event —
    Rodborough Hidden Gardens and Sculpture
    — Awaiting 2020 details for this event —
    Stinchcombe Hidden Gardens
    — Awaiting 2020 details for this event —
    Tetbury Open Gardens
    — This event is resting for 2020 —
    Uley Open Gardens
    — Awaiting 2020 details for this event —
    Winchcombe Open Gardens
    — Awaiting 2020 details for this event —
    Yorkley, Pillowell, Oldcroft and Viney Hill Open Gardens
    — Awaiting 2020 details for this event —

    Beautiful private estate gardens open for Cobalt

    The stunning estate of Stowell Park in the heart of the Cotswolds will open its gates for a fundraising event on Sunday 14 July in aid of Cobalt. Visitors can take in the spectacular views and delightful terraced gardens. The garden opens from 2pm to 5pm. Admission will be £6 and free of charge for under 16’s. Homemade teas will be available to take in the ballroom. This year, short talks from Chris Oldham, Head Gardner and Nina O’Hare, Archaeologist, will be held in the walled garden and Church of St Leonard to make the most of the history and heritage of Stowell Park.

    The estate near Northleach spans 6,000 acres and has panoramic views of the Coln Valley. Stowell Park only opens three times a year to the public. The garden features beautiful floral displays, borders and terraces. A cut flower garden spans half an acre and visitors can enjoy walking round the herbaceous plant collection, a kitchen garden, vineries and peach houses. Glass houses are home to a wide range of pot plants, from alpine flowers to tropical orchids and well stocked water gardens at the bottom of the arboretum.

    St Leonard’s Church resides in the grounds and will be open to visitors on the day. It dates back to the 12th century and houses one of the earliest wall paintings to survive in England.

    Kirsty Bradbury, Fundraising Engagement Officer, Cobalt said “The gardens are wonderful and volunteers will be helping us on the day to serve teas and homemade cakes in the ballroom. It’s a rare opportunity to visit the private estate of Lord and Lady Vestey and we are delighted they are opening up the gardens to support us. This year we have an exclusive Stowell Park recipe available in the event programme offering visitors a chance to replicate a taste of what life is like living in a country estate”.

    A selection of homemade refreshments will be on offer. Proceeds of the open garden will be put towards the work the charity do to support local cancer and dementia patients. For more information contact the fundraising team on [email protected] or 01242 535922. Follow Cobalt on Twitter @cobaltfr or like @CobaltSupporters on Facebook.

    Stowell Park, Yanworth, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL54 3LE. Assistance dogs only.

    Open Gardens Day 2019

    Sunday 9th June 2019 2.00 to 6.00 pm – It all happened!

    Whatever the weather, our Open Day attracts ever bigger attendances, may of whom are visitors from previous years – a great complement to all the villagers who work so hard to organise all the gardens, stalls, activities and refreshments. Each year the event raises funds for the upkeep of the local church and Village Hall. This was our 27th annual event, and the descriptions below will give you the ‘flavour’ of how the day ran. If you wonder where Elkstone is, please click here.

    The cost of admission was £5.00 per adult (that’s 13 years and onward), payable on entry to the car park – road signs on the day guided everyone safely into the car park. Pre-teenagers (accompanied by adults) were free entry. The admission includes car parking. One other thing – we do operate a ‘no dogs’ policy; they are wonderful from their owners, but they can cause stress to the domestic pets of the households who kindly open their gardens for this event – and bringing them to leave in the car is not allowed either, a fine day can bring disaster…

    Straight away it must be said that over the years, thanks to the wonderful support given to us by websites and media (see below) we have had outstanding attendances, and this simply would not happen without their help.

    Aerial Approach to Elkstone

    Elkstone is one of the highest villages in the Cotswolds, with extraordinarily beautiful limestone houses and cottages, with views across valleys that are often described as breathtaking

    Strollers at Open Gardens Day

    Visitors had a unique opportunity to visit this very special Cotswold village and see it in a detail not normally accessible to the casual visitor.

    St John’s Church – Summer Sunrise

    St John’s Elkstone is the highest church in the Cotswolds, and dates from Norman times. The dawn sun shining through the chancel window illuminates the altar area with golden glow of stunning beauty. In the last year much work has gone into eco-themed developments including a “bug-hotel”, the Coronation Meadow, and new eco ‘facilities’ for the benefit of visitors.

    Norman Arches – Evening Concert

    The church has quite exceptional Norman arches in the chancel and sanctuary, and boasts a wonderful Norman tympanum above the south door. The chancel arches, and those leading to the altar, are among the best in Gloucestershire, if not in Britain.

    Evil Spirits – Keep out!!

    It has been said by those who know that it was well worth taking a detour to explore the church and its striking collection of Norman arches and decorative features including grotesque monsters, birds, and a very Roman-looking centaur, ready to shoot an arrow from his bow.

    Garden Seat with View

    In the course of the afternoon you could amble through a selection of beautiful private gardens.

    Welcoming Blooms

    In preparation for Open Gardens Day, villagers prepared a range of garden displays from the very simplest, to those that would challenge most!

    Elkstone Rose

    Some blooms are really special!

    Viewing the blooms..

    Even Elkstone villagers enjoy the scenery each year!

    Visitors could try their hand at hitting the targets with our 633 Squadron Lancaster!

    Your garden will look even better than ours…

    Visitors browsed the many stalls which feature lovely jewellery, a tombola, plants and much more; around the village were hand-crafted books telling stories of Elkstone history through the years.

    Tea, Coffee, and soft drinks too!

    Visitors enjoyed village teas, & home-made cakes or ice creams….

    Free tractor rides all afternoon…

    – and enjoyed a tractor ride through farmland with sensational views.

    Bell ringers from all parts visit Elkstone for Peal sessions

    On this special afternoon you could not only soak up the atmosphere, made more special with glorious flower displays but you can also hear the bells and visit the bell tower.

    Sunset over Elkstone..

    Elkstone’s houses date from medieval through to modern times – they all represent the glorious heritage of the Cotswolds – we hope you’ll enjoy your visit – we’re sure that like hundreds of others, you’ll want to visit us time and time again!

    Elkstone near Cirencester / Cheltenham

    N51o 48’ 37.7” W02o 02’ 45.6”

    OS Explorer Map 179, SO968122

    For Sat Navs: please use postcode GL53 9PD

    We are very grateful for the support of the following organisations which help to promote our event:-
    • Cotswolds Info whose website link is Cotswolds Info.
    • Cotswold Preview whose website link is Cotswold Preview.
    • Country Gardener whose website link is Country Gardener.
    • Cotswold Life Magazine whose website link is Cotswold Life.
    • So Glos Online Magazine whose website link is So Glos Online Magazine.
    • Gloucestershire Guide whose website link is Gloucestershire Guide.
    • Open Gardens UK National Directory whose website link is Open Gardens.
    • Where Can We Go whose website link is Wherecanwego.
    • BBC Radio Gloucestershire whose website link is BBC Radio Gloucestershire.

    We have many other organisations helping us to publicise this event – a big thank you to you all!
    If you have a query about this event, please fill in the form below.

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