Chef slap-downs, eating dirt and romantic poetry: life’s always interesting with Raymond Blanc

Self-taught chef Raymond Blanc had humble beginnings in rural France. He left those shores bound for England in 1972 aged 23 to work as a waiter, and now boasts 20 brasseries across the UK, two Michelin stars at his Oxfordshire Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, numerous cookbooks and the Raymond Blanc cookery school. There is also numerous television shows including his latest, Royal Gardens On A Plate (starting Thursday January 12 on SBS), in which he helps grow a bountiful kitchen garden at the historic Kew Gardens, and creates stunning dishes from seasonal produce. But there’s more to this 67-year-old chef and bon vivant than meets the eye.

He will get down and dirty in the garden

Raymond Blanc grew up in the village of Saone, in a rugged, wooded part of France, full of mountains, rivers and lakes. His family didn’t have a lot of money, but food was the centre of family life, and they had a huge garden which provided produce all year round.

From his father Maurice, Blanc inherited a love of gardens and home-grown fruit, vegetables and herbs, and from his mother Anne-Marie, a love and understanding of cooking and preserving food. For his 10th birthday, when other boys his age would have wanted toys, his parents gave him a colander and a foraging map. What he collected, his mother taught him to cook.

He tells the story of how, when he was a child, his father scooped up a handful of earth and asked him to taste it. “You didn’t discuss with Papa,” Blanc told iNews. So he tasted the soil. “I’ve never, never tasted something like that,” he says. “It was so astringent, acid, bitter, dry, thousands of flavours. It was quite gritty, horrible.” Years later Blanc dared to ask his father why he’d told him to taste the earth. “It was at that stage that I learnt that my papa had a sense of humour because he told me: ‘Oh, that was a joke.’”

His mother, who is fondly known as Maman Blanc, is 94 and gave Blanc some of his most cherished recipes. “My mother is the woman who has had the most influence on my life,” Blanc told the Guardian.

Chère Maman,I wish you a wonderful 94th birthday. You are truly formidable and an inspiration to me. BON ANNIVERSAIRE! All my love,Raymond x

— Raymond Blanc (@raymond_blanc) November 11, 2016

He has returned to his gardening roots in Royal Gardens On A Plate, reviving the royal kitchen garden that was given up more than 150 years aog, in Victorian times. “Of course I relished the idea of a French Republican laying a new garden of 250-strong varieties over a former royal plot,” he says cheekily, in the introduction to the book, Kew on a Plate with Raymond Blanc, which accompanies the show.

He once worked as a nurse on a leukeamia ward and dreamed of being a ballet dancer

Blanc started out as a junior nurse on a leukaemia ward, and spent time working in a clothes factory, before becoming a cleaner, then a glass-washer, in an 18th century hotel.

“I was the best cleaner — I’d scrub four-metre mirrors with vinegar and paper until they shone,” he told the Telegraph. “Then I became the best glass washer. Then I became a waiter. I had a red jacket with silver epaulettes. I loved being part of a team — that’s where I learnt discipline and hard work.”

His career changed direction in one moment. “I did a beeeg mistake,” he said. “I saw the chef as a colleague, but he was not a colleague — he was a monster with a bad temper. One day I told him his sauces were too salty or needed a bit more richness; just suggestions. And he thumped me with a frying pan. I broke my jaw, lost a tooth, and then I lost my job. He told me to find a job in England, that I was exiled.”

He jokes: “A frying pan changed my life.”

One of his childhood dreams was to be Napoleon, but he says his biggest regret in life is not becoming a ballet dancer.

Blanc had two stress-induced strokes when he was 42 and was paralysed for three months, but these days is learning to delegate more and relax. “It was always live to work,” Blanc told Saga magazine. “Now it’s more work to live.”

His partner, a Russian doctor, keeps him on his toes

Blanc met Russian doctor Natalia Traxel 15 years ago, when she was a customer at his restaurant, celebrating her 30th birthday. He wooed her until she gave in to his charms. According to an interview with the Guardian, he would read Oscar Wilde to her, or call and say things like: “I have to see you now; I found a beautiful leaf on the Champs-Elysées and I want to give it to you”.

Blanc boasts that fom the time he was a little boy, he has always had a way with women. “I could have got anything I wanted by asking women to look after me, or writing them a poem, which I was always very good at,” he said.

Traxel, who is also an expert figure skater, chess player and hot yoga enthusiast, works as a nutritionist at the Raymond Blanc Cookery School. Blanc calls her “incredible”. The couple have had an off-on relationship over the years, and she knows how to keep Blanc’s ego in check.

“I turned down Silvio Berlusconi three times when I lived next door to him in Bermuda,” she told The Express. “When you mention the name Berlusconi anywhere in the world everyone knows who he is but when you mention Raymond Blanc nobody knows him. I remind Raymond of this – when he gets too big for his shoes.”

Never thought I’d be able to hold this pose for 30 seconds, which definitely felt like a lifetime

— Natalia Traxel (@traxeln) November 20, 2016

He is the inspiration for a cartoon character called Henri le Worm

One of Blanc’s two adult sons, Olivier, has developed a cartoon character called Henri le Worm, based loosely on the chef.

Henri is brought to life in an app, and his adventures encourage children, aged four to eight, to grow their own fruit and vegetables, and to eat healthily.

Olivier was initially unsure how his father would react to being turned into a pot-bellied worm.

“He was very good,” Olivier told the Daily Mail. “I had no idea what his reaction would be as the male ego can be a very fragile thing!

“But as soon as I’d explained about Henri, he was 100 per cent behind him.”

Blanc is a firm believer that we should eat more vegetables and less meat. “I always have cooked a lot of vegetables,” he tells the Express. “I always made the vegetable as important as the meat. You cannot go on to eat meat twice a day. We’re not made to do that.” With the Royal Gardens on a Plate series, Blanc hopes to inspire people to grow their own vegetables. “I would love to encourage people to grow food organically. I also wanted to demystify the whole process, pass on knowledge but not in a way to put people off. People want to know where their food comes from.”

Eating the seasons Royal Gardens On A Plate On a site once used to grow produce for royalty, a stunning kitchen garden is created. Join chef Raymond Blanc as he cooks the garden harvest while discovering the history behind our favourite fruits and vegetables.

He’s an award-winning chef, but he has his guilty pleasures

At home he doesn’t cook and is happy with a serving of smoked salmon and a glass of sauvingnon blanc. When he fancies something a little more substantial, Traxel will whip him up a meal, he tells iNews. “She cooks for me. When we have friends round, of course I cook; they might be disappointed if not.”

In 2008 Blanc was awarded an honorary OBE for his services to culinary excellence (he is one of only three Frenchmen to receive the honour), and in 2013 he received the Ordre National de la Legion d’Honneur, the highest decoration in France.

He has also trained some of the best chefs in the business – including Marco Pierre White, Heston Blumenthal, and Michael Caines.

But he admits to ordering take-away “more than you think”, and his guilty pleasure is dark chocolate KitKats.

Sometimes, though, those simple pleasures come fresh out of the garden. Blanc recalls a trip to the South of France, when he took his 92-year-old mother and his sister for lunch at a restaurant you had to reach by boat. “When we got there we discovered it was in the middle of a nudist colony,” he writes in Kew on a Plate with Raymond Blanc (Headline, hb, $55). “My mum didn’t seem to mind the view though, so we sat down to a lunch of bouillabaisse, which was just divine.” Blanc recalls that the fish was delicious, but it was the potatoes which blew him away, with their melting texture and rich flavour. “I had never tasted anything like them,” he says. “Of course I had to know immediately what variety of potato this was. You can imagine how people thought I was crazy: on holiday in the sunshine in the middle of a nudist camp and getting excited about a potato!”

Potatoes are just one of the crops that Blanc grew and cooked with over the course of a year in England’s Kew Gardens for Royal Gardens on a Plate. “I wanted to create a 250-strong variety garden. Lots of varieties,” he tells the Express. But he’s not about to give up his day job to toil in the garden every day – not when there’s delicious food to be made with it in the kitchen. “We cook simple recipes that we hope to inspire viewers with.”

Royal Gardens On A Plate starts 8.35pm Thursday 12 January on SBS, then catch it on SBS On Demand.

Raymond’s recipes Grilled asparagus with vegetable crumble

Asparagus served in the classic way is delicious, but I wanted to mix the flavours of the spring with the warmer flavours and textures of the summer. I’ve spiced things up a little with the slight smokiness that comes from griddling or barbecuing asparagus, a large sprinkling of smoked paprika and a hint of chilli.

Spring pea risotto

Fresh, sweet peas combined with luxurious fat grains of rice makes for an exceptional spring dish, with just enough heartiness if the weather isn’t yet that warm. For the pea pod stock, blanching the pods is essential to transform their bitter raw taste into a beautiful clean pea flavour.

New potato and chorizo tortilla

Many countries have their own version of an open omelette. The Italians have frittata, the Spanish tortilla. In France it is Spanish omelette. Traditionally it wouldn’t be new season potatoes used in this dish – it would be bigger main crop potatoes – but I wanted to celebrate the first of the early potatoes and they work surprisingly well.

Rum baba

A classic dessert of small yeasted cakes soaked in a vanilla kirsch syrup.

Planning ahead: The cooked babas can be frozen and then defrosted before soaking

Chocolate crumble tart

A different way to make a lovely chocolate tart or crumble.

Planning ahead: This dessert can be made up to half a day in advance, kept in the fridge. The caramel hazelnuts can also be made in advance and kept in an airtight container. The crumble can be made and stored in the freezer ready to cook.

Happy 70th Birthday Raymond Blanc, OBE

Nov 19 2019

The celebrations continue at Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons

Happy 70th Birthday Raymond Blanc, OBE

Throughout this year of celebrations marking the 35th anniversary of Belmond Le Manoir, there has been a fantastic selection of events hosted by Raymond Blanc. A summer garden party on Bastille Day, an intimate French-themed dinner and a prestigious Chefs’ Dinner where some of Raymond’s protégés cooked in the kitchens alongside head chef at Belmond Le Manoir, Gary Jones and Chef Patissier, Benoit Blin.

The revelries continue as Monsieur Blanc celebrates his 70th birthday (19th November) and the house hosts an exclusive music night with Sheku Kanneh-Mason, the gifted young cellist who played at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex last year (20th November).

Raymond has always applauded the team that surround him and he continues to share his dedication and passion with them. Today, he is acknowledged as one of the finest chefs in the world and as a result, he is the recipient of tributes from every national and international guide to culinary excellence.

Belmond Le Manoir is the only hotel restaurant to have achieved and maintained its two Michelin Star status for 35 years, and is also the only property outside of London (and just one of three in the country) to sustain 5 AA Rosettes for that period of time.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Raymond continues to strive for excellence. As he reaches his 70th birthday, he said: “You have to keep inventing to stay alive. At Belmond Le Manoir, we have always been a tight team with mutual respect for one another, for our skills, for our knowledge and for our ideas. That’s how we deliver the very best to our guests.”

For further information and details of all events, visit or call 01844 278881.


Notes to editors:

Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons is the perfect place to celebrate a special birthday, wedding anniversary or any occasion to remember. Every room has been designed with a particular theme from Raymond’s travels around the world, from Provencal, France to the Far East.

Surrounding the house, the 11 gardens include the two-acre organic kitchen gardens, growing over 90 types of vegetables and herbs. The produce provides the kitchen for many months of the year – the envy of gardeners and chefs worldwide. Not to mention the mushroom valley, the Japanese Tea Garden, the English water garden and the orchards.

Sara Norman or Aisha Bennett, Four Travel on +44(0) 203 697 4200 or e-mail [email protected], [email protected]

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Belmond Ltd. is a global collection of exceptional hotel and luxury travel adventures in some of the world’s most inspiring and enriching destinations. Established almost 40 years ago with the acquisition of Belmond Hotel Cipriani in Venice, the Company owns and operates 46 unique and distinctive hotel, rail and river cruise experiences in many of the world’s most celebrated destinations. From city landmarks to intimate resorts, the collection includes Belmond Grand Hotel Europe, St. Petersburg; Belmond Copacabana Palace, Rio de Janeiro; Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa, Riviera Maya; and Belmond El Encanto, Santa Barbara. Belmond also encompasses safaris, six luxury tourist trains including the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, three river cruises and ‘21’, one of New York’s most storied restaurants.

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Chelsea FC Hospitality Options

Going to see a game at Chelsea FC in London is, for me, one of the top Premier League experiences. But tickets can be tough, so one good option is the hospitality package. Here’s a look at the ones I sell through my consulting services.

View from upper-tier seating

First, just a quick glance at what seeing a game at Chelsea is all about. It’s a smaller stadium than you might think, just over 41,000, and it feels completely closed in and cozy. This makes for an absolutely cracking atmosphere when the crowd is up for it.

It’s also in a very cool neighborhood, an easy walk from a station with drink and food options all around. Of course, with all this in pretty central London, a Chelsea game is an easy and fun addition to a soccer tour in London.

But it isn’t cheap. Getting tickets from Chelsea is, like with all Premier League clubs, tricky. In fact, if it’s a league game against anybody you’ve ever heard of, and you’re looking for more than one together, you can pretty much rule out getting them from the club, even with a membership.

That leaves two options: Stubhub and their ilk, which I have no experience with, and the hospitality package, of which I am an official reseller.

My Chelsea Hospitality Packages

Through my consulting and ticketing services, I sell several different hospitality packages for Chelsea. Here is a map showing where they all are:

Chelsea hospitality seating locations

And now, a look at each option, arranged by their usual price, lowest to highest. Actual prices are all over the place and really depend on the opponent.

All of these are paper tickets delivered to your hotel a day or two before the game.

  • West Upper: Seats plus a voucher for an evening bus tour of London.
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  • Museum: Upper west side seats with a pre-match meal and full complimentary bar two hours before the game. Pre-match stadium tour, halftime drinks voucher for the concourse, Chelsea legends, Chelsea gift.
  • Zola and Wise Suites: Upper west side seating with lounge access, pre-match meal and full complimentary bar two hours before the game and one hour after — handy for letting the crowds clear from the neighborhood.
  • Centenary: Middle-tier seats along the top of the penalty area, massive pregame buffet, lounge access before and after, free coffee and tea at halftime.

Here is a video from the Centenary seating (sorry about the audio); Captains is the section just to the left. Both of these are in the middle tier east stand, so the other packages are upper tier across the way. Away fans are just to the left here.

I have a photo gallery below with some more images. If you want more info on Chelsea hospitality, get in touch. You can read about hospitality at other Premier League clubs by searching on the club page or just going to the Hospitality Section of my blog.

Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea FCChelsea hospitality seating locationsTrophies in the Chelsea MuseumOn the stadium tourView from upper-tier seatingCentenary buffet – breakfast area Centenary buffet at Chelsea FC Donuts and coffee in the Centenary buffet The away end at The Bridge will be red and rocking on Monday. Kickoff from Centenary seating Free kick right in front of Centenary seating Pregame at Stamford Bridge

Jardin Blanc Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier for women

(A review originally posted on MakeupAlley in 2005, I wanted to re-post it here now because I do not use MakeupAlley anymore and I am trying to get back into writing reviews, using old ‘work’ as inspiration…): I think I have found my first holy grail….in the most unexpected way and the most unexpected of fragrance categories: white flowers, jasmine and tuberose to be more precise. Nestled away in the corner of Amsterdam’s Shu Uemura, trusty SA Carien has done it once again, saw me sniffing the pure Jasmin from MPG and produced the only product I had not yet smelled: Jardin Blanc. The name would not draw me, the fragrance family would not draw me, nothing about this fragrance had me written all over it. But it is the strangest fragrance experience I have ever had. My nose has been developing over the past year’s quest into fragrance, and the one thing I thought I could not wear was white florals. Too intense, heady, headache inducing on me. But this one is a stunner.
A perfect fragrance blending jasmine, honeysuckle (finally discovered honeysuckle in a perfume!), tuberose and lilac, with a vetiver and tolu base, adding spicy sweetness and earthy grounding…the stems leaves and roots of the plants…The reason I am writing this review is that I thought it was the worst fragrance decision purchase I have ever made, but now realized that I had simply just stepped outside of myself and discovered something so close to me that I was ignoring it–Mandy Aftel describes how jasmine is an antidepressant and aphrodisiac, and I think she must be right. No matter how much I spray it on it just blends right in with my chemistry and being, it FEELS like me.
Notes in composition from The enchantment of jasmine, honeysuckle and tubereuse. Flowery. Top Note: Mandarin, myrtle, leafy green; Middle Note: Ylang-ylang, clove, jasmine; Base Note: Sandalwood, tolu, vetiver. It is a beautiful and ethereal composition, the highest chakra, and for someone who shies away from white clothes and tight high end fitting garments I think I’ve finally found something I would have never thought to add to my collection, something that has taken me by surprise, it doesn’t scream or shout, it simply says “me”.


Raymond Blanc & Gary Jones

My childhood was probably a cliché of French rural life. It established the foundation and the structure of my approach as much to cuisine as to people. At the age of seven, my father took me to the garden, made me take a handful of earth, look at it, smell it, taste it! And of course, I was very much involved in all the toiling in the garden, whilst my friends were playing football. Then the veg would be picked, topped, tailed, and cooked by my mother and often bottled for the winter. From the age of seven, I was also a hunter-gatherer across the woods of Franche-Comte where there are fields growing numerous types of wonderful produce – mushrooms, chanterelles, wild asparagus, wild berries and flowers. All that we picked would be handed to my Mum to create a simple creative act of cooking and the rest sold on the side of the street. This gave me a good understanding of the cycles – and also made me a rich young man by the age of 10! If we had chicken or rabbit, I would do everything to prepare it for the cooking pot – So food was very much at the heart of our house. But so was the gift of food – food was an act of love which was to be shared with the people you love, your family. All of those values have permeated my own approach to cooking and preparing food. As a boy in Besançon, I saw the pleasure people had in eating in a restaurant and thought “I want to give that pleasure to people myself.” It’s about having the ability to engage yourself in what you’re doing. I cannot say that I’m more of a genius than anybody else, but I can say, I worked a little bit harder than most people. You can’t be the best at everything. I knew enough to surround myself with excellent people, a great team.

Tell us about the ingredient that inspires you the most.

I love to cook chicken. It’s a very nice meat that lends itself to creativity and is full of surprises.

How do you go about selecting your ingredients?

When they think about English chicken, most people think of “hormones and industrial breeding.” But some farmers are producing excellent free-range poultry, and Rhug chickens are among the best. They’re organic, raised in the open and feeding whenever they want. Their meat is tender, with an intense flavor. Mine come from two sources: Laverstoke Park Farm and Rhug Estate. We have all the traceability forms, which guarantees that we’re serving our customers the best product available.

What is your Chef’s secret to preparing your star ingredient?

In the summer we offer roast chicken au jus with a smoked potato purée, or grilled chicken breast with tomato fondue, garden beans and Kalamata olives. We always serve chicken with inseason ingredients, like asparagus or morels in the spring, or lemon, smoked paprika and tomatoes in the summer.

rhs chelsea flower show: vip tickets and hospitality

About Chelsea Flower Show

Each year The RHS Chelsea Flower Show heralds the start of the summer season amidst a blaze of glorious colour and exceptional exhibits. The Chelsea Flower Show is one of the most famous gardening shows in the world, a celebration of the highest quality horticulture and a feast for your imagination. New plants are launched at the show and the popularity of older varieties revived before the eyes of the horticultural world. It’s the garden design equivalent of Paris Fashion Week.

Members Package

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Hospitality Package

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The ‘Jardin’

Jardin Blanc combines a stylish dinding experience with fantastic entertainment and wonderful service, made all the more special for being set in such beautiful surroundings. All this will be delivered with Raymond Blanc OBE’s signature joie de vivre and renowed attention to detail.

Jardin Blanc hospitality is nestled within a peaceful corner of the showground and exlcusive to hospitality guests only. The space consists of several restaurants filled with both private and shared tables, and our exclusive garden rooms which we are able to adjust to accomodate your guests comfortablt with plenty of room to move and mingle. We have worked hard to ensure the Jardin Blanc experience extends beyond the dining table – why not take your guests for signature Warner Edwards cocktails at our garden bar, or delight in some champagne whilst trying your hand at a game of Petanque? There is no right or wrong way to enjoy Jardin Blanc, it’s up to you, and we can’t wait to see you there.

our exclusive packages

The Days:
Le Lily: Classic Day Package (Tues, Weds, Thurs & Sat, 9am-5pm)
– Entrance ticket to the showground from 8am
– Breakfast of both hot and cold items, teas, coffees and fresh juices
– Champagne reception
– Four-course lunch menu
– Afternoon tea

Also included:
– Complimentary bar including Champagne, Master Sommelier selected wines, beers and soft drinks
– Bespoke and botanically themed cocktails
– Official RHS show programme (one between two)
– Show overview from our horticultural expert
– Musical entertainment
– Dedicated restroom and cloakroom facilities
– Conference facilities and tech support provided on request (Private room only)
– Official RHS printed show guide (1 between 2)
La Sunflower (Friday only 10am-3pm)
– Entrance ticket to the showground from 8am
– Cooking demonstration from the Raymond Blanc team
– Three course lunch
– Complimentary bar including Master Sommelier selected wines, beers and soft drinks
– Official RHS show programme (one between two)
– Musical entertainment

Dedicated restroom and cloakroom facilities

The Nights

La Primrose: Evening Indulgence (Tues & Weds 6:45-9:30pm)
– Entrance ticket to the showground form 3:30pm
– Champagne and canapé reception upon arrival in Jardin Blanc
– Four-course dinner menu
Also included:
– Complimentary bar including Champagne, Master Sommelier selected wines, beers and soft drinks
– Bespoke and botanically themed cocktails
– Official RHS show programme (one between two)
– Musical entertainment
– Dedicated restroom and cloakroom facilities
La Tulip: Champagne and Canapé Evenings (Thursday only 7-9:30pm)
– Entrance to the showground from 3:30pm
– Champagne, canapé and bowl food reception throughout the evening in Jardin Blanc

Also included:

– Complimentary bar including Champagne, Master Sommelier selected wines, beers and soft drinks
– Bespoke and botanically themed cocktails
– Musical entertainment
– Dedicated restroom and cloakroom facilities
– Official RHS printed show guide (1 between 2)
– Jasmin: Last night in Chelsea (Friday only 3:45-5pm, 6:30-7:45pm)
– Entrance to the showground from 3:30pm
– Champagne afternoon tea within Jardin Blanc
– Pre-concert Champagne and Canapé reception
– VIP seating at the Last Night in Chelsea Concert

Costs per person:

Tuesday (members day): Le Lily £675pp + VAT La Primrose £525pp + VAT
Wednesday (members day) Le Lily £550pp + VAT La Primrose – £400pp + VAT
Thursday – Le Lily £525pp + VAT La Tulip £400pp + VAT
Friday – La Sunflower – £225pp + VAT Le Jasmin £235pp + VAT
Saturday – Le Lily £335pp + VAT


Included in the price of the ticket is your own Sincura Event Manager, a member of our award winning concierge service. They will contact you to discuss your itinerary for the event, any special requirements you may have from wheelchair access to dietary requirements, and to answer your questions. They are also available to help you arrange your own itinerary from travel, hotels and restaurants to stylists to ensure you look your best.

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