Silver Anniversary Rose Bush


Silver Anniversary Rose Bush is a great gift to help celebrate a very special silver wedding. A gift that grows, and will bring years of joy once planted.

Silver Anniversary Rose Bush 4 litre Pot

White roses are often associated with weddings and are supposed to represent unity.
The Silver Anniversary Rose is a beautiful rose bush of pure white, the large blooms begin in July and will continue to flower until September. The stems are long and slender making the Silver Anniversary Rose, a perfect flower for cutting. A display of the white flowers will look amazing in a glass vase as a table centre piece.
Please note all our roses are grown naturally, and are dispatched in the natural growing state for that time of the year. Therefore winter and early spring dispatches are unlikely to be in flower and are sometimes without foliage.

• Position: Full Sun
• Soil: Well rained, Fertile Soil
• Flowering Period: Jul-Sept
• Height delivered: 30-50cm depending on time of year
• Eventual height: 75cm

This gorgeous outdoor living gift includes…

• Patio plant ideal for a growing in a garden border or can also be planted in a patio pot using the suggested soil required.
• Gift wrapped in a selection of styles, all unique to every occasion. Au natural gift wrap accompanied with a delicate colour coordinated tie ribbon.
• Willows living gift personalised label, which can be written with your chosen message, or if you prefer with no message.

Why plants make a great gift …….

Simply put, plants are good for you. Potted but never passive, they drink up water and sunlight with delight. Plants tell stories, keep secrets, survive harrowing moves across town and country, endure skipped waterings, cloudy days, and even subzero temperatures with grace and style. Too many of us have been deeply intimidated by the prospect of plant care when the reality is often as simple as a calendar reminder on our phones and a splash of water once a week. What plants give us in return is priceless: tranquility and ambience to our homes, and gardens a calming reminder to slow down, and an appreciation for the small things. Though popular gifts of our parents’ generation, floral bouquets stand in opposition to plants as outdated icons of impulsivity, indulgent splurges, or as desperate tickets out of the dog house.

Silver Anniversary Rose Bush plant care

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Rose Types

Hybrid Tea Roses (HT)

Hybrid Tea roses are probably the most popular group of roses, available in both bush and standard form they have long flower stems and shapely blooms. Blooms are typically medium to large in size, with many petals which form a distinct central cone.

Floribunda Roses (FL)

Floribunda roses bears its flowers in clusters or trusses, with several blooms open at time in each truss. A popular choice the Floribunda rose group is unrivalled for colour, reliability and longevity as a bedding display however the flower form in generally inferior to the Hybrid Tea.

Patio Roses (PATIO)

Patio roses were introduced in the 1980’s and the group now contains several popular varieties. Generally low-growing roses that were once grouped with the Floribuna group but have now been put in their own group of compact versions. Usually growing about 50cm high they make excellent plants for patio containers or at the front of borders.

Climbing Roses (CLM)

Climbing roses as the name suggests are the perfect choice for covering a wall or screen. Often grouped together with Ramblers, Climbers tend to have stiffer stems, larger flowers but smaller trusses than Ramblers.

Rambling Roses (RAM)

Rambling roses are often grouped with Climbing Roses but the ramblers tend to have a more pliable stems that can be used to run along the soil to use as groundcover or can be used to make weeping standards.

Miniature Roses (MINI)

Miniature roses have increased in popularity in recent years due to their versatility, even grown indoors as temporary pot plants that grow to a maximum height of 40cm. An ideal choice for planting in tubs, edging beds and rockeries.

English Roses (ENG)

Often referred to as Austin or David Austin Roses, English roses are hybrids of old English roses and more modern varieties bread by David Austin to provide the best of both, mixing old rose shapes and scents with more modern colour range, compact habits and repeat flowering.

Planting Advice

Roses like a generous root space, so dig a deep hole approximately twice as wide as the current root system, preferably adding composted organic matter to the soil. Never plant into frozen soil – in winter, await a frost-free period. Carefully remove the pot and gently tease the roots apart to spread them around the hole. Position the plant so that the ‘bud point’ (the place where the shoots emerge from, where the cultivated rose was grafted onto the rootstock) is at soil level. Replace the soil, firming it down gently, then water copiously. Ideally, a general purpose fertiliser should be applied to the surrounding soil as a top dressing. We also highly recommend the use of Rose Rootgrow, which provides a friendly fungus that prevents ‘rose replant syndrome’.

Buying our Roses

Pot Size

Most of our roses are supplied in a 4 litre pot although this may vary slightly depending on rose variety. If the size of pot differes significatly from 4 litres then we will make this clear somewhere on the product page.


Our roses are grown outdoors and as such are subject to seasonal changes. As we sell potted stock throughout the year your rose may not arrive and look like you expect it to. If you are uncertain how your rose will arrive (especially if buying for a gift) then we suggest you contact us prior to making a purchase.

Freshly Potted

Each year a new batch of roses is potted up ready for the following season. Once potted (usually November/December time) they go on sale as ‘Freshly Potted’. If you purchase a freshly potted rose and plant it soon after you will find that when removing the rose from the pot there will be a lot of loose soil as the roots will not have had time to grow and bind the compost.

Pruned/Cut Back

In autumn the majority of our roses have finished flowering and begin to look untidy, at this point we prune them quite hard in preparation for the following season. We continue to sell roses throughout the year, when a rose has been pruned in such a way we will identify it has being so. If you are not sure what to expect then please ask prior to making a purchase. Some garden centres/supermarkets sell stock that has been grown abroad or in poly-tunnels so they look ‘picture perfect’ out of season, while this is ideal for a gift they are short lived once planted.


Water regularly until established. In spring, apply a specialised rose fertiliser along with manure mulch, taking care to avoid direct contact of the mulch with the stems. In winter remove all branches which are dead, diseased or damaged along with any older stems as necessary to avoid overcrowding at the centre. Cut back new growth by about a quarter and prune side-shoots to within three buds of the main stem to encourage vigour. Prompt removal of ‘dead-heads’ will encourage further flowering.


Anniversary Roses From Giftaplant

Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun! Well for all those lucky enough to be reaching your silver wedding anniversary, golden wedding, ruby wedding, pearl anniversary, sapphire, diamond wedding anniversary or even your very 1st or First wedding anniversary. Giftaplant has the largest selection of anniversary plants, flowers and roses for all anniversaries, anniversary gift ideas from 1-100th anniversary.Anniversary plants, flowers and rose gifts are our speciality and we hope we can tempt you with some unique anniversary gift ideas to make that special anniversary day memorable.Buy the largest selection of anniversary flowers, plants and roses from Giftaplant.Anniversary gift ideas that are unique and personalized, plants, flowers and rose gifts for all wedding anniversaries occasions. All of our plants, flowers, roses will be beautifully presented with the option of luxury gift wrapping, bow and gift card for that special anniversary message. For anniversary plants, flowers, roses for that special day look no further than Giftaplant. Order your anniversary plant gifts by midday for next working day delivery or you may specify a delivery day through the checkout process.

Anniversary Plant Gifts

Not only do we offer a great selection of Roses for anniversaries but we also offer a great range of plant gift for anniversaries. Buy from our extensive range of Camellia’s including Camellia Ruby Wedding,Camellia Silver Anniversary, Camellia Golden Anniversary and not forgeting a 25th wedding anniversary pearl for Camellia Niccio ‘s Pearl, all our beautiful Camellia come in various sizes and prices and make wonderful plant gifts to send for all anniversary occasions.

Giftaplant grows and sells the largest range of plant gifts for all wedding anniversarys, plant gift to celebrate a Diamond Wedding Anniversary, Golden Wedding,Silver,Pearl, and even your 45th wedding anniversary Sapphire.

You may choose a requested named day delivery online and have your item giftwrapped for you special anniversary.

Happy Anniversary from all at Giftaplant

Rosa ‘Silver Anniversary’ (Rose ‘Silver Anniversary’)

Botanical name

Rosa ‘Silver Anniversary’

Other names

Rose ‘Silver Anniversary’, Hybrid tea rose ‘Silver Anniversary’, Rose ‘Silver Wedding’ , Rose ‘Poulari’


Rosa Rosa

Variety or Cultivar

‘Silver Anniversary’ _ ‘Silver Anniversary’ is a deciduous, upright, hybrid tea type rose with average disease resistance. It has semi-glossy, green leaves and creamy-white flowers that bloom from summer until autumn.




The flowers are lightly scented.


Arching, Spreading

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White, Cream in Summer; Cream, White in Autumn

Dark-green in Summer; Dark-green in Autumn

How to care

Watch out for

Specific pests

Aphids , Caterpillars , Glasshouse red spider mite , Leafhoppers , Rabbits , Rose leaf-rolling sawfly , Scale insects

Specific diseases

Rose black spot , Powdery mildew , Rose rust

General care

Propagation methods

Budding, Hardwood cuttings

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Where to grow

Rosa ‘Silver Anniversary’ (Rose ‘Silver Anniversary’) will reach a height of 0.9m and a spread of 0.7m after 5-10 years.

Suggested uses

City, Cottage/Informal, Beds and borders


Plant in full sun, but will tolerate other aspects too. Best not to plant roses in soil where other roses have grown previously.

Soil type

Chalky, Clay, Loamy, Sandy (will tolerate most soil types)

Soil drainage

Moist but well-drained, Well-drained

Soil pH

Acid, Alkaline, Neutral


Full Sun


South, East, West



UK hardiness Note: We are working to update our ratings. Thanks for your patience.

Hardy (H4)

USDA zones

Zone 9, Zone 8, Zone 7, Zone 6, Zone 5, Zone 4

Defra’s Risk register #1

Plant name

Rosa ‘Silver Anniversary’ (Rose ‘Silver Anniversary’)

Common pest name

grape ground pearl

Scientific pest name

Margarodes vitis



Current status in UK


Likelihood to spread to UK (1 is very low – 5 is very high)

Impact (1 is very low – 5 is very high)

General biosecurity comments

Main pathway; Vitis spp. plants for planting; already prohibited. However; further consideration of other pathways is required.

Defra’s Risk register #2

Rosa ‘Silver Anniversary’ (Rose ‘Silver Anniversary’)

Apple root knot nematode

Meloidogyne mali



UK (along with certain other European countries) received potentially infested trees in 1992; but these were destroyed at the end of the trial period and targeted surveillance has failed to find any trace of the nematode. Main impacts are on elm; apple and mulberry and industry should source such material carefully.

Defra’s Risk register #3

Rosa ‘Silver Anniversary’ (Rose ‘Silver Anniversary’)

Rose Rosette Virus

Virus or Viroid


Pest of economical and socially important host in the UK; which is currently absent. If introduced it has the potential to cause significant damage. Statutory action against findings is justified and regulation of the pest advised.

About this section

Our plants are under greater threat than ever before. There is increasing movement of plants and other material traded from an increasing variety of sources. This increases the chances of exotic pests arriving with imported goods and travellers, as well as by natural means. Shoot is working with Defra to help members to do their part in preventing the introduction and spread of invasive risks.

Traveling or importing plants? Please read “Don’t risk it” advice here

Suspected outbreak?

Date updated: 7th March 2019 For more information visit:

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