Viburnum Tinus Eve Price

Viburnum Tinus Eve Price commonly known as Laurustinus is a beautiful, bushy evergreen shrub which has oval shaped, broad leather like dark green leaves. Known to be one of the more compact and denser Viburnum plants, perfect for creating privacy in the garden. In December all the way through until April the Viburnum Tinus Eve Price will bloom clusters of crimson pink coloured buds which will open to small star like white flowers creating a beautiful display across this lovely shrub!

Often planted in groups to create a dense privacy screen and hedge, suiting almost any location with room to flourish and suiting a variety of garden types such as cottage and coastal gardens.

Viburnum Tinus Eve Price care

Plant the Viburnum Tinus Eve Price in almost any sunlight from full sun to full shade with moist, but well drained soils where it will thrive. Very easy to maintain, generally disease and pest free and requiring little to no pruning. In summer, when established, simply remove any dead, damaged and misshaped branches to encourage a more natural strong presence. In late spring the plant can benefit from a good fertiliser which encourage strong, new growth in the upcoming growth season.

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